Nozzles pastry baking

Since childhood I became interested in cooking. First it was sweets under the guidance of her grandmother: cakes, pies, pancakes and crepes. Then I started growing up, there was a computer, followed by the Internet.

With the advent of the Internet, access to sites recipes became -. Dishes were very many. The level of cooking is «easy» to «professional». I needed a more adult stuff for cooking confectionery.

I really wanted to learn to decorate cakes and pastries with beautiful flowers, petals. In General, to create beauty. After sitting on the web by visiting two stores in the city I was surprised not only the abundance of different pastry tips, but price.

So had to order on Aliexpress and a little to wait (almost a month). I chose to start with eight nozzles. The order made on this page in Ali.

The contents

  1. The price of the goods
  2. Quality
  3. Size
  4. Use
  5. Design

The price of the goods

The price of one nozzle is at us in the city of 300-350 rubles. On the site Aliexpress I bought them for 121,99.


The composition of the material of the nozzle — durable stainless steel without joints and cracks. Can be washed in the dishwasher, which is a plus for me. If there is no dishwasher, they are washed with a sponge without any problems. Due to the fact that very large.


Heads very large. Height 5-6 cm, the diameter of the lower 3-3. 5 cm, 1-2 cm top diameter the larger the nozzle, the more the pattern. My opinion is that large attachments easier to isolate the cream.

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Nozzles are inserted into the pastry bag inside, which for me is not very convenient. As if the bag left the cream, then the nozzle can not be changed.


Nozzle almost all floral. Roses, tulips. To design was necessary to fill the hand. The first time I could not get a beautiful decoration. Bought on Aliexpress here. Suggest another convenient multifunction grater , and waffle iron for making waffles of Hong Kong.