Non-contact infrared medical thermometer

Took on Aliexpress for their newborn baby non-contact thermometer for $13.7 with free shipping, buy here. Qwintry came four weeks later in one piece. But it’s not about that.

What was taken? In the hospital, saw doctors measure the body temperature of babies thermometer without touching them. I personally take weekly baby somehow scary, and you shove it under the arm and hold for 3 minutes mercury monster – all outside possibilities. And here 2 seconds without touching – «Wow!».

The contents

  1. Overview
  2. Instruction and feedback
  3. Summary of the testing


To begin with, what kind of device is certainly nice — comfortable, ergonomic handle, white color, big and bright display. When you first turn began to check the declared performance and functionality.

Power supply from two batteries of type «AA» (penlight in the nation), a built-in led discharge. The price of division of the low order of 0.1 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, is set in the settings. The scoreboard changes color depending on the measured value of the temperature: green – normal, yellow – high, red – all, «Fox», built-in speaker beeping, call the doctor.

Instruction and feedback

The control buttons are located on the left side – not very convenient for right-handers, but it can be used. There is a mode switch – the measurement of body temperature or surface (like a bottle with food and other things). Is the memory where you can store the readings of the device..

Passport accuracy — ±0.3°C, that was the beginning of my doubts – a little? After all, for a person to 36.7°C and 37.0°C — is fundamentally different indications for health. Not lazy, went to the drugstore and bought an electronic thermometer, the wife learned to light his mercurial counterpart. What and who we not only took it a couple of days in pain. The testimony of all three is not «fought» with each other, and mercury is clearly better «friends» with from e-pharmacies, and «Chinese partner» lived its proud and independent, Eastern life.

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The difference in the readings was in the range of 4 – 7 °C. Small changes, 1 – 3 cm, the distance to the measured object, caused the «Chinese» no imaginable difference in the scoreboard. And it was sad…

Maybe I got a copy, maybe I’m just «roundnose», but the image of the Chinese measurement technology in the eyes of our family was undermined forever. Better than the old, kind, with all its shortcomings, old mercury thermometer for us does not exist. A clever «alien» came in handy as children’s toys. Her little boy, they found a common language. The evenings are both in the crib and quietly squeaked.

Summary of the testing

Thus, it is better to buy either at your local pharmacy, or buy any expensive brand on Aliexpress. Don’t give the link, just type in the search Ali the phrase «non contact thermometer» and choose the reviews and sales quantities.