Night light lamp Bedside Lamp Xiaomi Mi

When our family had a child, then immediately the question arose about buying a nightlight. You agree that in the dark to change a diaper or to dress the kid is absolutely unreal, but the usual table lamps and floor lamps I didn’t like.

To use a bright overhead light — it certainly was a mockery of the child and the husband. I wanted a light that would in the first place, in harmony with the design of our room and was comfortable under different conditions of use.

And, of course, wanted the child and her husband was comfortable at night, when the light is turned on.

The contents

  1. Appearance and management
  2. Where to buy
  3. To use
  4. Modes
  5. Wake-up-alarm clock
  6. Disadvantages
  7. Conclusion

Appearance and management

My husband seriously approached the solution of this problem. After watching various video reviews and articles, he suggested that the light from the company Xiaomi, which can be controlled using your smartphone.

The design of this night light is designed in a minimalist style, in my opinion, can fit any decor.

It has a cylindrical shape, height 22 cm, diameter 10 cm, all white, and only runing a bronze hue. Nothing superfluous, everything is as I wanted. In addition, there was a lot of different modes.

I was very pleased that Xiaomi can be enabled at a distance, having at hand only a mobile. Young mothers will understand me when I dream that you grew a third arm, and sometimes the tenth, and then you can, without going to the lamp, to light it, lying in bed.

More very comfortable this night light Xiaomi the people who wear the Mi Band. Can be linked bracelet & night light in one, and in the morning, in addition to vibration on the bracelet, the light will start to flash and then just have to Wake up.

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Where to buy

Anyway, after shopping, I realized that I don’t need anything except this lamp, I fell in love with her. Of course, the price was biting, 3200 rubles, excluding the cost of delivery, but at the time I didn’t mind so much, I wanted this lamp Xiaomi Mi period. Took on Aliexpress here on this page.

Husband ordered, and went days of waiting! I’m so worried that I would have to wait about 2 months. But I guess I’m lucky and the item came in 2 weeks by regular mail to Ust-Kamenogorsk, Republic of Kazakhstan.

To use

I still can’t get enough of his favorite nightlight! I think it is only from some pros! As I wrote above, I bribed the fact that the lamp can be controlled remotely, I just poke the button on the phone and she illuminates for young mothers this is a godsend, especially at night when you’re more normal like a zombie!


Pleased with the presence of different modes at Xiaomi.

In fact it’s simple, to their smartphone installed special app and there you can choose the mode that at the moment. Important for me is the night mode, which turns on soft lights.

If you plan a party, it is likely the lamp in the Studio! It will make bright colors and give people even more in the mood for fun.

And even if you remembered that tomorrow is February 14, and you the house has no candles for a romantic dinner, not a problem. Again, the lamp from Xiaomi will save you, because it is possible to select «a-La-romantic» and she will burn like a candle or even a fireplace! Well, not a miracle?

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Wake-up-alarm clock

Also I have this lamp was rescued in the winter when the child fell asleep after lunch and it was still light, and when it was time to Wake up, the yard was already dark. I just set up a lamp for comfortable waking the baby, he did not Shine a bright light in the eyes, and when he woke up, could not understand the difference with daylight.


Yet this miracle, I found the cons. But there are only 3. The first small defect, this is when we were leaving for a week on holiday, during this time, the connection settings with the smartphone off, but her husband 5 minutes all quickly returned as it was.

The second disadvantage is that the lamp can be controlled only via 1 smartphone. But since in our family, the lamp use only I, the particular disorders at anybody has not arisen. And finally, the third negative, but I think this is nitpicking.


This bedside lamp Xiaomi can only work from the network, it has no internal battery, so you can use the standalone and not be tied to a power outlet.

I highly recommend to buy this devayz! This is a very thoughtful night light, designed for all situations! Created with care about people!

Again, ordered on Aliexpress here. I can also recommend the oral irrigator for mouth Xiaomi Soocas and touch the liquid soap dispenser of Xiaomi.