New cashback service

Recently, Webmoney has created a new cashback service for its users. Now there is no need to use third-party services such as EPN and the like, and then still wait until payment. Now payments can be received on your wallet after the purchase.

The contents

  1. How to start
  2. What stores represented?
  3. How to get cash back

How to start

What you need to use Webmoney Bonus? Everything is simple: you just have to be their customer. Many already have WebMoney purses, and if not, then it is easy to create with the help of check with phone.

What stores represented?

Despite the recent opening, I counted a large number of stores available from which you can get cashback. It is, first and foremost, Aliexpress and several other Chinese sites, as well as online stores.

How to get cash back

Everything is very simple: select the desired store, click on it, learn about the minimum terms and conditions go to the website of the store on a special button-the link:


A few simple rules that I personally suggest to always stick to:

  • Single link — single purchase from a single seller. To buy another, go again to the link and complete a new order;
  • Don’t delay the goods «for later», the entire procedure must be completed in one browser session;
  • Do not use different plugins like «assistant shopping Aliexpress», «price Monitoring», etc. They put their own cookies on your computer, thus taking away the cashback yourself;
  • Do not use programs or plug-ins-ad blockers, they also block cookies.

The main difference cashback from similar services that the funds for the purchase are credited immediately to the purse WebMoney as soon as the store confirms the successful completion of the transaction. Thus, it is impossible to forget to get paid and not have to order it, then wait.

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