Naviforce men’s watch Relogio Masculino with two faces

In early November, I’ve wanted a new watch, but to spend thousands and thousands of rubles does not like. The solution came by itself — I saw the announcement about the upcoming sales on AliExpress and began to seek out the right model.

I soon came across presented a watch unknown to me before company Naviforce for approximately 1000 rubles. What particularly drew: a large number of colors, the claimed solid materials, in General the watch looks on the arm is pretty massive and attractive.

After reading dozens of reviews about the Brand I decided to order watch and order here. This model Relogio Masculino.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Big band
  3. Setting
  4. In the process of operation
  5. Opinion

Where to buy

In General, at this firm are very many different models: from brutal military to youth. But in any case, if you want yourself a wrist watch manufacturer Avifors, I recommend to buy only from their official representative on Aliexpress, where I myself and take. Otherwise, you can purchase forgery, yielding to a lower price.

Immediately came the track number on which the watch without problems tracked until receipt. The track was hammered in-app Mail of Russia, on standby. After 2 weeks the watch was in the mail. I came and took them away, wrapping very pleased — double layer-protecting film on the entire surface of hours, buttons and strap protective sticker to avoid scratches during transportation.

After I disconnected numerous labels with manufacturer’s name, took off all the stickers and threw away all the tinsel, which can really be useful only in the case of using them as a gift, I decided to try the watch on your wrist.

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Big band

Immediately I found an interesting detail — the strap is enormous on my hand (male 190 cm tall) had to remove 5 (!) links to the bracelet normally sat.

I suffered hours in the Studio. For a small fee (350 rubles), I tweaked that. Over time, he travelled and is now a bit loose on the hand even after the above manipulation, it was necessary to remove at least another one link.


Already at home, I started to configure them. For this simple operation was required to master all four buttons on the clock. The first works exclusively as backlight, if you press it the dial is illuminated by a dim (in the dark excellent) a greenish glow. Then, after 3 seconds goes off.

The second button is the mode switch, for example, translates the electronic scoreboard in the stopwatch mode, alarm, time settings. The third button confirms the operation when setting, and the fourth stops the progress of the stopwatch. In General, the setup procedure did not take me a lot of time and effort.

In the process of operation

I started wearing a watch every day. At the distance of many qualities sparkle with new colors. Declared water resistance be after the experiment in the filled bathtub, the batteries work without problems, the bracelet was exported and became a little dangle on the hand.

The only thing that struck me (in a bad way) most is the accuracy of the Chinese hours. Day mechanical arrow behind electronic hours for 2-3 seconds.

For the month is typed in appreciable error, which is visible to the naked eye, the watch has constantly to sum up (at least once a week). In other things, if you use only digital clock, you can forget about the hands and not to touch them.

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You do not know to manage the physical and digital dials are different devices. On the one hand, it’s even better. After all, if ever one of them breaks, it remains the second.


Summing up, I want to say that for hours I am very happy. Materials are commendable for 2 months I have never rubbed, not loose and not lost.

They look very advantageous, and many confuse them with the hours of higher price segments. Backlight & sound notification function 100%. I think for the price find the same quality will be somewhat problematic.