My experience in ordering CNC machine from Aliexpress, customs clearance and work on it

A couple of years ago, I had the idea to open a small business producing plates for embossing on the skin. But the machines of domestic production cost very heavy money. So after searching the Internet for these machines, I stumbled upon AliExpress. I was very surprised and happy with the price.

For comparison, a machine of such configuration as I needed, namely 4 axis milling machine. In our country cost about $ 4,000. AliExpress offered me this machine for $ 1400 plus shipping via DHL for about $ 600. Saving as seen on the face. Without thinking, I ordered a machine in this online shop. Bought here.

After ordering, I was contacted by the Bank where I was. And asked to increase the limits in order to be able to transfer 2000 dollars to overseas Internet site. They also said if I give myself the report that list the same amount on AliExpress.

After my confirmation, the amount has been transferred to the account in Amsterdam. Why in Amsterdam? I don’t know. The next day I was contacted by the store and check the machine parameters. Started a month waiting for my purchase.

A month later, I received a notification about the arrival of my package. Delivery service, I was asked by the screenshots of the card of the goods on AliExpress, and also a statement from the Bank, stating that the goods were paid for using the card. To provide this information to customs.

Then began the dance with tambourines. I must say that the delivery service is interested in the product you received. Since they get money only when I will receive the goods on hand. And before that, the money is on Aliexpress. The Manager of the postal service gave me two solutions to my problem.


For a symbolic sum of $ 10, they would solve all my customs questions, or provide me with all documents I went to the customs office himself.

I as a true Jew, chose the second option in order to save the family budget. And then I knew it was a bad idea.

At customs I was given a bill for about $ 300. for the customs clearance of my goods. And they said I should be an entrepreneur, because this machine applies to industries. And it already absolutely other taxes.

After such sad news, I turned on my brain. Said valiant employee of the customs service that the machine of this hobby, and has international certificate. The answer, they did not like, and they said that if I provide in this machine, will I have problems with the IRS. Here we have a chic law.

And the parcel I’m still not given.

And I decided to go again to the delivery service that they resolved the dispute. After paying $ 10 their representatives have solved all the problems.

Now actually on the machine.

I got a really great hobby machine. Because as a professional it is difficult to call.It stated an error of 0.008 mm. is not consistent with reality. Because its design was not hard, he just couldn’t withstand that level of precision. But, for the production of clichés, it is quite good. Let’s say, in the processing of non-ferrous metals and wood, he has no equal.

On the basis of this whole story, I can advise you to not skimp on service delivery, assistance in customs clearance.

Total savings turned out $ 1700. The quality of the machine, of course wants the best, but our counterparts of the same level. And of course they brought from China.As for the Assembly of the machine. It is absolutely 100% matches the pictures on AliExpress. Again, I ordered here.

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