Multivarka Redmond RMC-M25

Multicookings REDMOND RMC-M25 ordered on Aliexpress warehouse in Russia Tmall Aliexpress here on this page at the end of December, the price was 2513 R. courier delivery in the city of Sharya in Kostroma region in 7 days, free to the apartment, by prior arrangement of the date and time.

The contents

  1. Quality and convenience
  2. Recipes and accessories
  3. Program Control
  4. Conclusion
  5. Video

Quality and convenience

This is my first slow cooker and I do not compare with anything, but I can definitely say that the purchase.

In my opinion, it is a great helper to the woman, especially when eating a small child, very pleased that in the recipe book provided with a «Children’s menu«.

The usage is pretty safe, even with long-term programs (I made aspic in the «Vexation» of 4 hours) on the outer wall of the slow cooker not to burn yourself.

A volume of 5 liters, 16 built-in programs function multi cook, possible auto heating and reheating ready-made meals for 12 hours, delaying the start for 24 hours.

The power multivarki Redmond RMC-M25 — 860w, bowl with non-stick coating, control with a digital control timer beep at the end of work.

Recipes and accessories

Included is a cookbook with 120 recipes, spatula, ladle, measuring Cup and plastic container for steaming.

A big plus of this model RMC M25 in that it provides a plastic container for collecting condensate from the cover, it is easily removed and cleaned. Valve for steam is fixed by one bolt, allowing you to dismantle it without difficulty and washed.

Program Control

Using the universal tool of «Control» you can set the cooking time and temperature in a wide range of values. Using for making the built-in tasks, prior to starting, you can change the temperature, the default set is recommended.

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Any program can be amended over time. Programs for the preparation of grains, are automatically disabled when the Cup ends with a liquid that completely eliminates scorching.

In the process of using the multicooker Redmond RMC-M25 once you can understand how to observe the proportions for different dishes in the recipe book provided pretty large portions.

Also, there are a huge number of recipes for multivarok on the Internet.


It is very convenient that in this model you can open the cover in the process, allowing you to monitor cooking. Personally, I was very surprised that the cakes in a slow cooker has a rosy crust, now baked so completely ceased to use the oven.

Of the minuses multivarki Redmond noted only a rich smell of plastic when heated. It is, of course, after 4-5 virtually disappeared, but the first dish was a bit with its aroma. To get rid of the smell after cooking fish, you can boil water with lemon in the bowl for 10 minutes.

For more detailed description and specs can be found at this link on Aliexpress Tmall. Still I can recommend the review on the bread machine with the programmer and the pending trade and multipacker Redmond for waffles and cookies.