Multipacker Redmond

Your review dedicate kitchen assistant — multipexer that from the date of purchase, no day stood idle.

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  • Where to buy and specifications

    Multipacker took for 1850 rubles on Tmall here. At the time of purchase cost in the store on this model was over two thousand. Yes, the benefit is not large, but the time savings is enormous. Chose, paid, agreed on the date and time received. Beauty!

    Complete only one form of panels grill (RAMB-03), may order any other, and their manufacturer has come up with as many as 40 pieces for all sorts of waffles, cakes, cookies, muffins, cakes and even pizzas!

    Aliexpress is not everything, but the most popular and, in my humble opinion, the most needed (price, incidentally, is also more «tasty» than on the manufacturer’s website).

    For myself, I chose «the Burger» (RAMB-26), on which you can cook not just Burger patties, but also cheesecakes, scones, pancakes… it all depends on Your imagination and what ingredients You want to use.

    Like any other major household and kitchen appliances with our Tmall delivered in just 3-4 days from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Brand colorful box, no damage, manual, service book and user manual – everything, as usual, got right to the house by courier service DPD. Guarantee — 2 years.

    First use and instruction

    We’re prepared to buy in advance and skimmed through the reviews on the Internet. Before the first cooking, the manufacturer recommends a good glow trays without food, «idle», which we did.

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    There was a slight smoke and odor, which is normally present inside the factory coating — lubrication. After that, they cool, rinse and you are ready to start making food.

    We are very fond of hot sandwiches from the oven. Nothing supernatural: wholegrain bread, cheese, tomato, ham/chicken breast/ham/salmon, sour cream / ketchup/mayonnaise or any sauce to your taste.

    To build from this two sandwiches (Yes, this model will not fit, alas) and forward to multipacker for 3 minutes. The smell is incredible! The bread on the grill to toast as the toaster. Cheese is melted, but not enough to flow out. In General, we love it!

    I recommend another bakery the same manufacturer and carob coffee maker Vitek. You might like to do gonkongskoe wafer using such a thing.



    • Nice price. At the time of purchase, the price on Aliexpress was below market. If you get a share, that will come completely free;
    • Compactness and portability. Redmond is very light (2.2 kg) and small (236 × 236 × 101 mm), it is possible to store not only in horizontal but in vertical position;
    • Good build (metal+plastic). No backlash and no squeaks when opening and closing lids;
    • Non-stick coating. But just in case I smeared a drop of oil to prolong their service life;
    • The presence of recipe books. The truth is, we never anything she did not cook, we love to improvise). But the book is really colorful (like all books from Redmond), it contains fairly simple recipes from all the available ingredients.


    • There is no temperature controller, i.e. multipacker is heated to the max and you can only bake at the same temperature. To lower it, just pull the cord from the outlet and wait for the cooling panels;
    • Short cord (80 cm);
    • The lack of a timer, therefore, need constantly to measure the time yourself in order not to spoil the dish;
    • A small power. Often, in spite of a slight crust, one gets the feeling that the steak is not fried, and cooked it. With vegetables the same situation;
    • A small number of servings. So Redmond is ideal for cooking for one or two persons: a couple of waffles, steaks, or sandwiches. If you start cooking some cakes for a big family,for example pancakes or waffles, then there is the device for me is not very relevant.
      The average cooking time serving 10-15 minutes, ie for preparing 10 cakes will take more than an hour…. In a frying pan, of course, the process will be much faster;
    • Missing the switch. In order to use multipacket simply stick it in the socket – pans immediately begin heating. To disable again, you need to use a fork and pull the cord from the outlet.
      On the one hand quickly, easily and conveniently, and on the other hand, if the socket is in an inaccessible place, off Baker (he’s hot!) already becoming problematic;
    • Inconvenient storage of nozzles. Given that Redmond invented to multipara so many interchangeable panels could invent a rack to store all this stuff. Moreover, the panel does not connect to each other and when storing a large number of trays there is a risk to lose one;
    • The official cost on top of the baking sheets is around 1000. Ali, the situation is slightly more fun these same models are sold for 750 R, which for me is also not cheap;
    • Discharge of liquid when cooking meat. The main disadvantage, which I always worry about in the cooking process. Redmond has not thought no reservoir to collect excess liquids and grease produced during cooking of meat and flowing directly under the panel, to the heating elements of the Baker.
      To wash all this stuff is practically impossible, especially if to notice such a leak not once, but 3-4 that way through use. Now always on duty during cooking products that produce juice and constantly collect excess liquid with paper towels.
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    Overall, despite the large number of minuses, we are pleased with a kitchen unit and, as I wrote earlier, use it daily.

    If You don’t like to spend a lot of time cooking, prefer fatty foods, but also love to experiment with pastry, then no doubt this device is for You!

    And by the way, if You have a large family, I would recommend to buy a larger model – Redmond Pro that allows to prepare not two, but four portions. And our, this will be increased are sold on Tmall ALI on this page.