Multimeter — digital multimeter FY76

Grandson got interested in electronics. Decided to purchase for his training, the tester is the most convenient to use. Price, quality, ease of use. These criteria were chosen digital multimeter FY76. Took here on Aliexpress.

Technical characteristics it can be used professionally. This device allows you to measure and check:

  • AC voltage to 600 Volts;
  • DC voltage up to 600 V.;
  • the amperage up to 10 Amps;
  • resistance to 60 Megohms;
  • capacity up to 99.99 mF;
  • frequency range 10 Hz-10 kHz;
  • the integrity of conductors;
  • the efficiency of the diodes.

LCD display with backlight has the function of storing 6000 tested values. The numbers display large, easy to read. Overload protection will protect the device in case of incorrect use.

In low light you can use a built-in flashlight.

The body of the multimeter FY76 perimeter is protected by rubber coating.It is comfortable when working and protect the tester from accidental drops.Automatic selection of the measuring range will not be forced to wrestle. From the aforementioned above, you understand that the digital tester is a convenient and functional device for adults and children.

Ordered on Ali on this page December 27, 2018. Received in Saint-Petersburg 11 Jan 2019. The choice is always yours! Can you recommend other cheap soldering station with display and universal charger iMAX B6.

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