Multiarch Fackelmann — universal with attachments

Multifunctional grater Fackelmann — quite a useful device in the kitchen, and where to buy it cheap? Right, Ali. However, cheap does not mean good. But about all under the order.

The contents

  1. Price and delivery
  2. Appearance
  3. Dimensions
  4. Experience in the use of
  5. Opinion

Price and delivery

You can buy it on the official website Fackelmann here. If there it already is not, then here’s a direct link to the product.

Grater with Aliexpress cost me 630 rubles. The price seems to be small, but the product isn’t worth it.

There was a parcel in Ishim about 2 months and came in mint packaging (there probably claim to mail and not to the seller). However, the content was intact, but something was lost.


Multicare consists of a plastic housing on which are mounted interchangeable with various blades, made of stainless steel. At the base of the case should be a rubber pad, which unfortunately went out in on the road (the seller or the mail apparently needed).

Another element is a special holder for the vegetables, protecting hand.

Only 5 tips, but this is enough to prepare any dish. Blade sharp enough, it is not necessary to apply force while using.


Images on the manufacturer it may seem that the whole set is quite large and occupies a lot of space, but it’s not.

Attachments are stored in special compartments of the hull and, despite its small size, will not be lost.

Experience in the use of

Grater with nozzles in the work shows a good side, in General coping with the task. However, there are some significant disadvantages:

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  1. After the first use of the juice from the carrots is absorbed into the plastic and barely washed away (the beets have not tried it, but there are fair concerns that then can not be washed);
  2. Holder for vegetables really protects the hand, but made so that can only strengthen the major product. Impossible to grate something small, it just not fixed, and for the same reason, large vegetables to the end not to RUB.


Not worth the money. Grater is really good and much more comfortable, but not at this price (remember, we are talking about buying from Ali, and not in the Mall). I think for the money you can buy something better and better, moreover, to do without 2-3 months of delivery.

If you wish to find something higher quality and lower price, view grater for kitchen on Aliexpress here. Can still recommend such high-precision electronic scalesthat are needed when cooking for a precise selection of ingredients according to recipes and electric dryer for vegetables Vitek.