MP3 player with IPX8 — waterproof firm AINGSLIM

Swim in the pool for two years. This sport is madly in love, but now somehow quite boring to swim was, so I went online to look for a waterproof MP3 player for swimming pool and protected from water high level IPX8.

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  1. Where to buy
  2. Detailed review and opinion
  3. For girls and men
  4. Charging and capacity
  5. Conclusion

Where to buy

The fact it was very dreary, as they produce a limited number of firms and prices are not encouraging. And I decided to go on Aliexpress. Honest opinion about the site before it was skeptical. Anything more expensive than 1000 roubles I there took (t-shirt, ring for the hall and something else), and any equipment that is no longer. Suddenly breaks, how to fix, return?

But cheap price, MP3 player firms AINGSLIM protected IPX8 water cost me only 1600 rubles, the same product of the company Sony would have cost me 7500 Euro!!! And very good reviews on this product, overcame my fear and I decided to buy them, bought here.

The product was up to the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (Russia) in just 2.5 weeks. I am very surprised, was expecting to wait at least a month. The item was sent by parcel post. The seller is very good, probably knowing how «awesome our mail» I wrapped the box with several layers of bubble film.

Player box was not dented, the inside was player, manual, power cord for computer and extra silicone inserts for headphones. This is a big plus!!! Since not all the headphones that come with the player. They are very stick in the ears after about half an hour of swimming, they very strongly start to hurt.Have them gently pull and swim is already slightly inserted headphones, but then the water comes and not very comfortable.

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Detailed review and opinion

I use them consistently for a month, so feedback from the use of can write a detailed. Swimming with them great, the sound is good, but very rarely with occasional small noises. Sometimes jammed button adding sound, it is necessary to make stronger.

When you’re trying to do this in motion, does not always work the first time. Water in USB input misses. Only after the pool if you hang them, such as on a hanger, with the headphones a little water flows, but it is not critical.

For girls and men

Since I’m a girl with a tiny neck, an MP3 player, a little spinning. When both the headset inserted into ears no problem, but for example riding a bike, I always put an earphone in only one ear, the headband often have to correct. But it’s not too scary.

The husband wore the same player — he sat down back to back. He even said that they are not worse than healthy headphones Bluedio Vinyl to your computer.

Charging and capacity

Honestly don’t know how many hours need to charge, I always put on the night. And then 3.5 hours of music provided for me.

Well, after turning off the player and turned it on it starts playing from that song where you left off. Some players sin that starts playing music from the beginning of the playlist.

In MP3 player also has radio, but I didn’t use them. It is sold in four colors: black, red, white, and blue. Memory 8 gigs if you don’t want to pay can take on 4 gigabytes. There is a big difference if you are loaded into the player from a thousand songs. I have enough of one Gigabyte, which is about a hundred songs. I periodically change.

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So happy with the purchase, decent device at a reasonable price!!! On aliexpress you can find a lot of options for this player, they are only very small parts (box, extra set of earphones).

I got my player from a vendor who had sold a large quantity of this product. we can say — be safe! Plus, there is that one does not need to put the column Zealotwhen bathing.

See the goods and the price for it on Aliexpress here:

MP3 player for swimming