MP3 player Ruizu x02

Recently ordered an MP3 player «Ruizu x02» on Aliexpress. Its price at the time was 1130. (~17$). The product was up to the Chuvash Republic, about 2 weeks. Came in a slightly dented box, the player was not injured.

Ordered in black color. Long 8.5 cm Width 3.7 cm custom made at the official representative for Ali here.

In equipment:

  • I’m a player;USB cable;
  • The user;
  • Gift a sheath.

Appearance: Matte, soft to the touch «softplastic», looks pretty good. On the player to be a slider on/off (on-off), headphone output, micro USB input and a compartment for the memory card.

Initially the player was in English. Change the language by clicking the gear icon «Settings», then scrolling to the bottom you will see «Language/Language» click on it and scroll down, there will be a «Russian language» click on it and the language will automatically switch to Russian.

The player menu Ruizu consists of 9 items:

  1. Music ;
  2. Video ;
  3. Radio ;
  4. Image ;
  5. The recorder;
  6. E-book;
  7. Folder;
  8. Alarm clock ;
  9. Settings.

The contents

  1. Opinion
  2. Pros
  3. Cons
  4. Video


The pros and cons of the Player.


  • In my opinion the main advantage of this player is the sound, very clean and nice sound;
  • Compact, lightweight and very convenient;
  • Intuitive interface. Well go to it headphones Xiaomi 1more.


Only one minus: 1) due to the smaller screen (1.8 inches), it is not convenient to watch video, and especially to read books online. (In my opinion, it doesn’t matter, because in the first place buy MP3 player to listen to audio recordings, not for watching videos and reading books).

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A few words I want to say about the seller, this is not the first item I bought from him and know that he is very reliable when ordering any product from this seller don’t worry. Also, if you have any question, email the seller and he will promptly respond and help you.

In General, for this small price you get a high quality MP3 player with good sound. Personally, I use it for 2 weeks and I have no problems with him has not yet emerged. Suggest. Again, buy from a trusted seller on Aliexpress on this page. If there is a lot of money (50-70$) and I want to get something on the level of Hi-Fi that plays much better smartphone, I recommend to pay attention to the NINTAUS player X10.