MP3 player Mahdi M220, only for real music lovers…

Our today’s review is dedicated to MP3 player Mahdi M220, which I bought on Aliexpress in April of this year (or rather got it in April, the order made at the end of January, but the delivery in seventy days let will be on conscience of the seller).

Honestly, I can’t tell who produces this device, and that means Mahdi – the name of the manufacturer or model number of players, of information on this subject I have not found.

When looking for a player I didn’t look at the brand, the main criteria for my choice was, of course, price and time of work without recharging. I often travel around the country by train, so a powerful battery is simply necessary, given how things are going with the sockets in domestic economy class. From the category «continuous operation time >20 hours», I chose this model M220, at that time the price of the player was 1108, 4 rubles. Bought here on Aliexpress at their authorized dealer, the price may have changed.

So, come the day, and I received in the mail a long-awaited device. White packing box, nothing extra – just the name of the manufacturer and even small hieroglyphic inscriptions on the sides.

In fact the player itself and USB cord. First impression when I took the player in hand – WOW! It is relative to its weight, is quite significant compared to other players I’ve used previously. Is a plus for me – for just +50 for reliability.

The casing is metal, from which it is made do not know, but looks like aluminum. The front panel is plastic, with a screen of 1.8 inches and a round push-button joystick with five-button control (I have to say – the buttons click very loudly and with a disgusting sound! Maybe someone like it, but I was, to put it mildly, annoying. You can disable in settings).

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The right two buttons – lock and the recorder. There’s also the microSD slot. Bottom charging port, input under earphones and switch off. Here, in fact, his whole appearance.

The contents

  1. Battery
  2. Interface
  3. The sound and video quality
  4. Radio
  5. Video


After visual contact I moved on to the testing stage. As I said, for me it is very important work. I fully loaded it, it took me about one and a half hours, threw a few hours of music, plugged in headphones and started the tracks on repeat.

When you are not listened to – put him off playing. I started it at 15:00, the batteries went dead at 11:50 the next day, i.e. nearly 21 hours on a fully charged battery. Looking ahead to say what time the battery was holding about a couple of weeks now consistently 14-15 hours, if you listen to music. How can you view the video don’t know, but to watch «Troy» (three hours) was enough.


Further internal content. There is, in principle, everything is standard – audio / video, radio, recorder, calendar, stopwatch, alarm clock and even a game of Tetris with a little twist – there you can stop the falling shapes and move as necessary (twenty years ago I’d give a lot for that option!).

By the time figured out in five minutes. To list all the files that the player can play I can’t, the purpose of this was not set up, but the MP3 and video to AVI, MP4 plays for sure. Text files only TXT, but I have not met another person who uses the player for reading books. Although it can be, but it is better to listen to audiobooks when necessary.

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The sound and video quality

The sound, in my opinion, pretty good, I’m not an expert in the «warm tube sound», but I think that for this price range it is quite suitable, if you listen with headphones. Certainly no worse than the IPhone 7. The Hi-Fi.

Playback through the speaker is disgusting, quiet and wheezing, but it is unlikely someone is waiting for good quality from the built-in indiamike, this is the player for listening in the headphones.

Video also, in my opinion, pretty good quality, once your eyes get used to the small details it is even nothing, in the absence of other sources of Hollywood blockbusters.


Radio almost doesn’t catch, and if what zapelenguesh, listening is still impossible. That’s basically all. I would like to write about the strength of the purchased player.

Durable. Very durable. I exploited everywhere – trips, and hikes, and all sorts of extreme events. Has been dropped a dozen times. Specifically dropped it twice, once from three meters. Nothing. The only thing that is reflected in his appearance – scratches on the body and in places the paint peels off (but that’s OK, mentainence!). And the entry under the headphones went on the Fritz – sometimes sound disappears, where «snot» came from. But I think for these conditions is forgivable.

So, in summary, I want to say that for 1108 rubles (+60 for shipping) the player is quite good, in terms of impact resistance above all praise, but the actual time of the battery corresponds to the declared (>20 hours). Otherwise, if you’re not an audiophile, is also quite good. IMHO – a solid four. Again, it is best to buy from official seller of the brand Mahdi on Aliexpress here. If there is a desire to join something higher, then look at the player Nintaus Wi-Fi, however it costs 3-4 times more expensive.

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