Mouse pad Rakoon

Tired to drive the mouse on the tree, and decided to order a special pad games brand Rakoon, just the discount was. Bought for 300 rubles.

So he came to me for 1 month. The packaging was decent unwrinkled. The coating was tightly rolled inside the black box. The carpet consisted of a specialized slippery fabric top and rubberized base for better stability on the table. In order to not spread and is not torn, its edges are well covered.

A bit annoying the tab on the corner of the carpet. As it applied an interesting pattern in the form of a tiger. He has the size of 60 inches by 40, and a thickness of 5 millimeters look huge.

A couple of days was an unpleasant smell, but after 3 days disappeared. When I got his side tried to twist, after two hours on the surface of the product straightened.

Personally, I liked the product, the game showed itself, as in work, for example with photoshop. This is the workhorse, where it will be convenient to work with. The only negative is the label, but it can be cut. For the money a great thing, with free shipping. Here is a direct link to Mat Rakoon Ali.

Still I can recommend a super cheap iMice mouse X7 for gamers and an excellent gaming headphones Kotion K2000. Also, here you can learn how to build a powerful gaming computer in the Xeon is significantly cheaper than prices in stores!

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