Mouse Delux part no m625 sensor PWM3360 and 12000 dpi

Before buying, you would use the mouse A4tech Bloody v3m, which turned out to be a bad sensor.

But this brand I was still disappointed that a year was not working triple-click button, and smelled a mouse is often not cheap plastic or something like that.

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  2. Quality and convenience
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Where to buy

And so, in search of a good mouse with a budget of$ 25, I found a good mouse Delux part no m625 sensor PWM3360, which at this time is very good. You can buy it on Aliexpress here. We bought at a discount for$ 24 and arrived to Cherkassy for 3 weeks

I realized that the advantages of the PWM sensor 3360 I hardly notice, because the last sensor I have is not buggy. But I had to check in with both the mouse jerking, and everything else.

I also knew that the quality of the sensor should be excellent! The very quality of the manipulator should be better than ever judging by the numerous reviews on Aliexpress.

But most of all I was worried about the question of convenience, when the mouse in your hand, because the Bloody was the perfect mouse shape, but it was terrible quality. Well, terrible? Buttons rattle, braid made somehow, but the feel in the hand is fun.

Quality and convenience

Now, the mouse Delux part no m625 with PWM3360 was Packed in bubble wrap and was inside the box. after receiving the mouse, Delux part no m625, I immediately tried it in my hand form the mouse was comfortable and was very surprised!

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Don’t know why, whether due to the shape of the mouse, whether the sensor played a role, but if anyone for work or games need a mouse, Delux part no m625 perfect for the price!

Although reading a lot of reviews of different mice, I realized that the quality of the mouse is possible only if the price tag is more than 125$, plus a well-known brand, and in other cases as lucky.

Yes, Delux part no m625 there are scratches on the back cover, which is not Bloody, but it’s not critical, but the mouse is not buggy, and you can set DPI to 12000! It may be noted that in the mouse there are lights on the sides, the icon and the scroll wheel.

So, when I was checking for mouse old when I twitched it gently introduced, new were doing everything carefully and precisely, so that snipers in games this mouse is the mandatory minimum!

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