Mount for phone in car suction Cup

Very often the travel around the city and beyond use. Navigator I have downloaded to the phone, but no special mounting hardware I didn’t use that was sometimes an inconvenience.

Bought a bracket for the phone focusing only on price on Aliexpress here. At the time of ordering it the price was $ 6.96 USD.

Holder was delivered by airmail within 2 weeks. The parcel was lying on the Belarusian post office. In the end, all the delivery time took about 30 days. The parcel tracked all the way.

Holder was Packed in bubble wrap package slightly dented, but this can be attributed to the inaccuracy of the email. The box was intact. On her instructions, drawn, as to collect and display holder.

The holder is in a box unassembled. Consists of two parts. The suction Cup is large, protected by a film. Bracket black, made of ABS plastic.

Going easily and quickly. To fix the device on glass and on plastic. I attached to the panel. I have concave and dimpled. In spite of these peculiarities stuck to the bracket perfectly.

Bracket is adjustable for height and reach (forward and back), the seizure of the phone rotates 360 degrees and has a tilt adjustment.

The position of the retainers configured once. More is not needed. Thick, soft material of the clamps allows you to insert and get the phone without changing their position.

The disadvantages would consider the bulky design, although such a device bracket delivers many of the provisions of the phone in space.

The pluses for me was:

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  • the reliability and durability of fastening;
  • the bracket can easily withstand quite a heavy phone;
  • the ability to specify the desired position of the side clamps without further modification.

Bracket has worked well when riding on the pavement and gravage. Happy with the purchase. Again, bought on Aliexpress on this page. Can additionally recommend automatic charger for car battery and inverter Onever 12-220 into the cigarette lighter.