Mount for action camera on the dog

I enjoy hunting and am on this topic your channel on YouTube. There is place videos shot in first person with action Cam. Recently decided to place it even on your dog to enhance the content. For this and bought a special mount on Aliexpress here. Even though it is for action camera SJCAM, but is well suited to other, similar, for example, suitable for the famous GoPro is exactly only a few times cheaper than the original holder. Suitable for Eken 4k Ultra Full HD.

Took seven and a half dollars. To deliver the goods very quickly – within twelve days from China to Ukraine.

The contents

  • How does the holder
  • How to fix the harness on the animal
  • Opinion
  • Advantages
  • What’s the downside
  • Video
  • How does the holder

    By design, the product is a harness. For greater versatility (to make it easier to fit almost any size animal) nylon webbing made elastic. However, this is the greatest (thankfully the only) disadvantage of all devices, as will be discussed below.

    On the back and chest are a soft plate from the FAA, which are the mounts for camera, made of high impact plastic. In order that the dog be comfortable for plates of thin fabric sewn pads. As for the fixing apparatus, it is, as already mentioned, can be on the chest or back (near the shoulder blades) of the animal.

    Camera model using a special bracket (included) primacialne to the landing nest. Independently folding she can’t.

    How to fix the harness on the animal

    To attach this harness, it is necessary to pass the head through the two straps connecting the upper and breast-plate together. The free ends of the straps will only skip the armpits of the front legs and have plastic hooks, special hinges on the back plate. Another harness in the same way attached, embracing the animal in the place where the rib cage ends. Then you need to readjust the straps, tightening or loosening them.

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    • Quick installation;
    • Strength and wear resistance;
    • The materials do not cause allergic reactions, do not RUB if used on short-haired breeds (e.g., Doberman Pinscher, shorthaired pointer).

    What’s the downside

    While the dog runs on low grass or swim in the water, no problem. But if the animal has to run in thick weeds, through the brush, then the harness will slide very quickly on the rump and, in the end, it falls down.

    To deal with the problem easily. You will need a pair of plastic clamps. With their help, you need to fasten the harness over the top plate collar.