Motospeed mechanical keyboard CK104 RGB

Meet! Best budget mechanical keyboard Motospeed CK104 RGB…

If you, my dear friend, want to own a mechanical keyboard but don’t want to spend 5000r and more the choice for you! Keyboard at the time of purchase on Aliexpress cost 44$ (~3000r.). Taken from the official representative of the manufacturer on Ali here on this page.

Delivered by courier home. Shipping time 6 days to Ryazan, as sent from the closest warehouse.

The contents

  1. What’s inside features
  2. The quality of the materials
  3. Backlight and hotkeys
  4. Switches
  5. Conclusion

What’s inside features

Package includes: Box cardboard keyboard manual and warranty card. As a gift put the puller for the keys.

The size of the claves 437×128×35 mm. Weight 850g. Made in the style of skeleton: minimal projections beyond the keys.

The quality of the materials

The keyboard has a plastic base on top of a metal plate, maybe aluminum, in which you install the switches. A choice of blue and red switches / Russian and English layout.

The keys are made of a double layer of plastic. The outer black layer and inner white under the engraving denote the keys — thus the symbols from the keys will never be erased. Wire with USB connector long 1.4 m. unfortunately, in conventional insulation, not fabric braid.

The reverse side has 2 wide flip-out feet with a thick rubber band, so the keyboard just will not slide. In the lower part there are 3 holes for draining water. ATTENTION the keyboard is NOT waterproof.

Backlight and hotkeys

A separate paragraph is chic lighting. Each switch is set to the RGB led. It highlights all the characters (including the Russians) and the space under the key.

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  • Lighting effects — 9. Everyone will be able to choose the type of lighting to your taste;
  • The backlight is configured on the keyboard, software for PC is required. For settings use the following keys:
  • Fn+Ins to change the illumination mode;
  • Fn+Del — change the color;
  • Fn+Hm — allocation of the individual keys which will be highlighted;
  • Fn+1,2,3,4,5 — the main game modes in which the highlighted keys to popular game genres.
  • Fn + key up/down — brightness control.
  • Fn + key left/right — controls the intensity/speed.
  • Additionally the Fn+ F1 (F2/F3…) the control of additional functions.

The number of simultaneous taps is not limited.


Now the switches is a copy of German Cherry production of the Chinese company Outemu . I took red.

  • Force to trigger the keys — SN 60.
  • The height is approximately 15mm.
  • Free running — 4mm.
  • Free running delay — 2mm.

Red switches have no click when pressed but they are still louder than a regular membrane keyboard. The sound of the keystroke is pleasant. Sensation of pressing clear. Key fires up to full pressure.


Use the keyboard, Motospeed CK104 about 5 months. During this time it showed itself from the best side. None of the schools did not come out. The only caveat is the small Enter — not very convenient.

Nice key sound pleases the ear, and the lowest price wallet Tactile sensations at the same height and do not concede more expensive counterparts. This is the best option in terms of price/quality in my opinion. Again, bought it on Aliexpress here tutochki.

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Still I can recommend a full-size gaming headset-headphone with directional microphone model Kotion, which, incidentally, also backlit and the corresponding mouse.