Motorola M XT 1663 — review from the owner

Decided to buy a cell phone. Liked Motorola XT 1663, drew the original design: large screen, bright colors, nice Golden body. I was looking for a phone with a good camera for quality pictures. I wanted as little as possible to charge the phone. And that the amount of memory allowed to store a lot of photos, documents, different music, to enjoy multiple apps simultaneously. The first time I ordered a smartphone through the Internet and have not regretted.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. First impression, camera, sound
  3. Kit
  4. Video

Where to buy

Got a great phone in a short time, in just four days, courier delivery, almost to the door of the apartment and free. And at a bargain price, only$ 149. Took promotions, the real price of the same in the cabin, at least one and a half times more expensive. The store on Aliexpress is here at this link. Reliable packing in two boxes, and any accompanying documentation is in order. Warranty service during the year is attached. By the way, the guarantee on the territory of Russia is provided.

First impression, camera, sound

Loaded, no problems with connecting to Wi Fi, and very quickly upgraded to the 7th Android. Use it, and the soul rejoices, the pictures clear, bright. Camera even the two 16, and 8 MP. Memory more than dream – 3 GB. Additional pocket for memory card, allows to increase its capacity from up to 128 GB.

Voiced and loud — for fans to listen to music, audio books a godsend. The charge lasts for a few days, very fast. Thin, light, and even dual-SIM. Comfortable to hold, the case does not slip. Unlock using the fingerprint does not allow the use of phone other people. Fingers recognize clearly, is not buggy and is not confused. Optionally you can put a password.

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Complete Motorola M is available: headphone, charger, film screen, the device for ejecting the SIM card and memory card and a detailed, clear instruction in the Russian language. The only negative is a universal charger for it, but for me it doesn’t particularly matter.

Pleased that the seller took into account the desire color, and made it Golden. For the price a great option forced to change my opinion of Motorola for the better. The result of my purchase exceeded all expectations. Again, bought here at this link.