MOP with spray Congis 3 in 1

I work a lot, so I like to buy things that will save my time and effort when doing routine household chores.

To the MOP with a spray Congis watched for a long time, but the price seemed high, so the MOP I had in the basket until it is notified about the discount.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. About cleaning
  3. Ease of use
  4. Video

Where to buy

In the end, ordered it on Aliexpress here for 979,31 rubles (15 $) + 69,61 rubles ($1) for shipping. The seller I spoke, it was not necessary.

Shipping was from China, and seller sent the order the next day, but the package came in the mail (in St. Petersburg) in 2.5 weeks. Most likely, the cause is the Russian post. The parcel tracked all the way, but hung on sorting in Yekaterinburg.

When ordering you can choose the color of the MOP (cyan or green) and an extra change of cloths (one or three).

MOP Congis is delivered disassembled in a cardboard box. My package was badly dented, but the product itself was not damaged. Claims to appearance I also was not all meet the description given on the website. Going MOP is simple: I did it for a couple of minutes.

About cleaning

Now about the main thing! Cleaning MOP copes on the five plus. Irreplaceable thing in the house, washing the floor has been cut in half.

Included with the MOP is the water tank. The tank is mounted very tightly, the first time it was hard to adjust to install it.

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I read that in the water you can also add detergent to the floor, but I prefer to use clean water. We have a dog and I don’t want him then lick the chemicals from paws.

By the way, if you have animals, clean the floors highly recommend after vacuum. Wool MOP collects very bad.

Ease of use

Lever sprayer fits comfortably in your hand. Much pressure it is not necessary, so that the hand does not get tired.

Head MOP is very flexible: easy to clean corners, baseboards, around furniture. The MOP handle is long enough so lean I don’t have (my height 176 centimeters).

Rag mops with Congis easy to remove and wash, but I still regret not having bought a replacement. Now I want to get a MOP for my mom, but with additional cloths, which we will divide among themselves.

I sincerely recommend this MOP with spray to purchase. Find the MOP on Aliexpress you can at this link. Can you recommend a good robot vacuum iLife and universal case on the sofa.