Mom’s jeans for girls

Bought Mom’s jeans on Aliexpress at a good discount — only 15$. The real value of the product at the moment is$ 19, which may be attributed to the rise of the dollar.

The size range is not represented with a range from 26 to 30. On very petite girls size is not what I encountered. When my waist size in 56cm and hips at 76cm, the smallest size (26) was slightly high. To say about height: 160cm my jeans were not above the ankle as shown. Keep this in mind. The seller provided size chart. But with a few errors for sure.

With the seller of the dialogue did not — was not necessary. Orders taken after just 2-3 days. All were tracked until the receipt of the goods by mail. Was the product about a month that AliExpress is quite a normal term delivery. On site there is a period of 20 days. BUT we should also consider the work of the Russian post.

Received the item in a small thick plastic bag. Inside was another package. Already transparent. This was the whole package, although for such goods is admissible.

The first impression of the item mom’s — «Wow!». Sit perfectly, especially with the belt.

The material is very dense and inelastic, the thing is clearly not for socks in the summer.

The hole for the button had to penetrate on their own. Confused a bit but the smell. Another strange comment — threads at the seams are yellow. The eye is not evident, but if you look closely, it would probably be more appropriate to pick up the thread of a different color. Here on taste and color, companions.

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What do you get with time? Noticed a strange feature: if You sat down, lifted his leg, made plies — do not expect that thing will remain in proper form. In the evening, if You have active movement, jeans are losing the kind of thing that hints at sexuality and femininity. Maybe it’s a feature of all the mom’s jeans?

Also after a month of wearing the product much strongly stretched, while the wash was the same temperature on a piece of paper attached to the package upon receipt. At the moment the only thing I wear on a walk with the dog. They definitely lost its form, it is better for the same money to watch something else.

To fit jeans? More curly and high girls. I think this is a perfect option for a relaxed evening walk or working day. Thing can be combined with basic t-shirts, tank tops and sneakers and the shirt and shoes to the office. All at Your discretion.