Modular stylish wall clock 3D

Ordered a stylish wall clock on Aliexpress, because there was no time to go shopping. Product came in 2.5 weeks, which is very happy, because the stories of my friends found out that delivery is very slow.

The product came sealed and the integrity of the packaging, thankfully, were not violated. For shipping I didn’t pay, so the result of delivery have been satisfied. Open item had to work.

Still, opening the packaging in the nose rushed unpleasant smell, which immediately got dizzy and felt bad, this is a huge disadvantage to the seller.

Wall clock was disassembled in modules, all Roman numerals were individually, had to spend 20-25 minutes just to figure out how to attach. No instructions did not specifically tricky. Then 20 minutes had to hang up on the modules disassembled, the parts.

First, the squares, which are hung Roman numerals, fell away permanently. In the end I glued all the parts in super glue, the wall was pathetic.

On the wall look very stylish and expensive, despite the fact that their cost is only 600 rubles. The price for such goods in regular stores rarely where you will meet.

Of the minuses I want to note:

  1. The smell that was in the initial opening of the packaging, put me into shock later in the room where the watch hung badly smelled of the chemicals but he soon weathered.
  2. The glue that attached the details including Roman numerals, very weak, is mounted directly on the super glue, if you do not mind the wall, or do not order this watch at all, not to wag their nerves.
  3. Batteries in a set were not. The batteries in the clock need the smallest format of the AAA («mizinchikov»).
  4. If you order watches in black, then soon the color will become dull and pale, so order is better than silver watch.
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From the pros:

  • Fast shipping, polite seller, asked came whether the goods and wished a pleasant use
  • Authentic stylish Roman numerals, which are suitable for any interior: retro, conventional and futuristic.
  • Match their price: 600 rubles for these watches are just impossible to find. Thanks for the product!

Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page. I can also recommend decorative film for Windows patterned and vertical blinds-blinds on the Windows.