Mink coat HDHOHR with Aliexpress

A year ago began to think about buying a mink coat, we all know that the prices of such products space. Looking through the various sites, compare prices, went to a fur fair in our city, considered the option of buying fur coats in installments or a loan, but do not want to commit.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Custom
  3. The quality of the fur
  4. Conclusion

Where to buy

Decided to see mink coats on Aliexpress, it was found that the selection is quite large, but customer reviews too little.

Wanted to buy a classic model with a length of about 100 cm light color, made of transverse bands. Eventually found a shop where I saw the desired model, and positive feedback with the real picture.

About a week had corresponded with the seller clarify all the nuances of trading and finally decided to order. Agreed on a price 49971, 39 735 rubles or dollars, the discount the seller did reluctantly, explaining that even on black Friday this product is worth at least $ 800. Turned out of order here on this page on Aliexpress.

Asked the seller about the presence of the certificate on fur, but anything intelligible did not answer, photo certificate even in the Chinese language is not sent, but was assured that the quality of the fur is great, sent real photos of the coats.


Because a mink coat made to fit my standards and wishes, had to wait about a week until it will sew. I asked the seller to make a hidden zip to check the quality of the membrane, lengthen the sleeves, replace the lining in the fur coat on a uniform, to sew a button on the collar separately and sew a fur belt.

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A week after the order, the seller sent a photo of the finished product on the mannequin and on 28 November, sent my order by e-EMS. December 20, the courier will deliver the parcel directly to your home, it was quite a long time for such expensive things.

On opening the parcel, the first impression was good, the product match sent before sending the photo. At first glance, the coat seemed light and too thin.

The quality of the fur

Chinese mink, of course, different from Russian, but she also had a good undercoat, the hairs quickly took its original position. Fitting a little disappointed, as the growth of the coat a little village, the drawstring was above the waist. Further detailed examination of the coat revealed significant shortcomings:

  • the lack of a zipper to check the quality of the membrane;
  • transverse stripes were narrower than stated;
  • smell and ACC on the coat is cut correctly, everything is done according to the minimum;
  • the leather seats made up of pieces;
  • fur belt is too short and narrow.

The seller HDHOHR not made with a zipper to check the quality of the leather, but I’m not lazy and spanking lining at the bottom of the coat…

The quality of skins was good, inside they are light and flexible, but saddened by the fact that a separate band was sewn from pieces. The photo was presented to the product of the 8 broad bands, and in fact I got the coat, made of 10 thinner strips, then the seller is significantly saved, while in the description it was stated that a fur coat sewn from whole skins.

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Accessories in fur, HDHOHR used quality – sturdy hooks, solid silk lining, the edges of the lining are additionally stitched braid. Externally, the coat looks very impressive.

Given the above shortcomings, I decided to negotiate with the seller about a partial payment, but the seller replied very reluctantly, these apparent shortcomings are not acknowledged.

In the end, opened a dispute on Aliexpress and asked him to return part of the money, but the decision was made: «the return of the goods and refund», that is, I had to send the coat back to the seller and get your money, but this option did not suit me, I kept the fur, wearing, warm and beautiful. With her great looks here’s mink hat!


After the season a mink coat your form is not lost, skins do not climb or crawl at the seams. Surrounding compliment, so if you’re ready to save money to overlook certain flaws of fur products, then you can safely order it. Once again, the order made here on Ali.