Mini USB soldering iron 5V 8W

Start with the fact that the soldering irons I have about seven or eight. And maybe more, to be honest, I lost count already.

There is as great with wooden handles, and the smallest one that doesn’t take in a backpack up a lot of space. That is exactly the question of the purchase of this instrument does not exist. If one broke down, threw it into the drawer, took next.

But one day, some video I saw a very small USB soldering iron. So compact that it can be compared with handle. Eyes lit up, and my desire to purchase this novelty, have already could not kill anything.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. Connect to USB
  4. Power
  5. Sting
  6. Conclusion

Where to buy

Aliexpress is easily found on request USB soldering iron, I took here on this page in 7.5 American money. In the way the parcel was two weeks max, very quickly reached. If not packaged in a transparent envelope inside which the blister.

The package is minimalny with a protective cap, power cord, thing under the soldering iron.


The first impression is positive, you can feel the quality of plastic from which made the handle, thick wire, good connectors.

The only thing not impressed with is thing, she is too thin I think. Therefore, immediately was sent in a box with stuff and never got it.

To word this stand is not needed. If the soldering iron is put on a flat surface, then sting misses to anything.

Plus, the tool has an auto-off feature, if it does not move.

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Connect to USB

Connects a mini soldering iron complete with cord. On the one hand USB, with another mini jack, like headphones. You can connect to any adapter, power Bank, laptop, even if it’s to the smartphone. Simply put, any USB plug, where there is 5 volts.


The stated capacity of the soldering iron only 8 watts. That food there went the heating shows red light inside the case. The device heats up just 15 seconds, cools down just as quickly.


Very thin tip, soldering the smallest components possible.

It is easy to Unscrew and to remove, where to find a spare, I can not say, and was not this question has already been eight months and no complaints on the native tip no.


For all time use, no problems with the soldering didn’t happen. But two drawbacks I found…

The first is the narrow specialization of the device. Soldering is just the thing if you need to melt the big BLOB of solder, then soldering the USB is no help.

And the second is some sort of strange dependence on power adapters. If you connect the cord to the unit current is less than 1.5 amps, the soldering iron is not heated enough even to soldering small components.

And at the same time, a great tip is heated by the power banks or from a smartphone via OTG. But it’s the little things that just have to block just one advantage: a soldering iron you can throw in his pocket along with a drawstring.

And what a surprise you get when you see a soldering iron connected to the smartphone, words can not convey! Again, bought on Aliexpress here.

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I can also recommend an interesting tester for electronic components on the circuit Board and compact oscilloscope.