Mini sewing machine SM-202A with Aliexpress

Ordered myself a mini sewing machine from China from Aliexpress here on this page. My model is SM-202A. Shipping took less than a month, the cost cost me $ 16.

Equipment to the machine was pretty decent: foot pedal, power adapter, replacement coils-spools of thread, spare needle, nettodental, and directly machine.

The contents

  1. Quality and functionality
  2. In the work
  3. My review

Quality and functionality

The unit is tiny, fits on any chair. The housing is made entirely of plastic, like most of the details. The build quality is not bad, parts do not creak and are not loose.
I want to note that the included bobbins are not suitable for machines with a vertical hook. They just will not fit into the cap.

Itself mini sewing machine has though a limited number of functions, but even that lacks a head.

  1. The first is the winding of the coil. From the flywheel will need to release the plug, on which is placed the bobbin. In the normal sewing the flywheel with the plug turns, and the thread on the bobbin is wound. Just before it is necessary to release the machine from the top and bottom threads so that they are not tangled inside the mechanism.
  2. The second function — built-in knife for cutting threads. This little blade is, of course, does not compare with a pair of scissors, but sometimes it helps. Thread better to cut one.
  3. Third: switch. On the front panel are two buttons. The left button — switch for sewing speed. You can select either slow or fast speed. The second button allows you to use the machine without the pedal. When enabled, the machine will sew as long as the button does not return to its original state. Sometimes I use this mode when winding thread.
  4. Fourth: supply light. The machine is equipped with a small led light that illuminates work surface, albeit slightly. Optionally you can turn it off using the button under the sleeve.
  5. Fifth: adjusting the tension of the upper thread. A simple twist of the regulator. I recommend not to Unscrew it completely, because after that insert his difficult.
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Unfortunately, the stitch length on the machine is not adjustable as the stitch type. That is, the machine lockstitch. Also, it does not have reverse. I prilovchilis to simply deploy the product several times, while doing the basting seam.

In the work

And now I will tell directly about the work of the mini sewing machines from Aliexpress. The pedal works by type «on/off». Smooth adjustment of course not. Pressed — come on, release — off. But even in the fast mode, the sewing speed is not too high — sec for about six stitches. While sewing machine almost does not vibrate, but the sound from moving parts.

By the way, the unit can be operated not only from the mains, but on batteries or batteries finger-type «AA». Therefore, it is possible to work even in the case where there is no light.

In addition to bobbins, for the machine, you can use a bobbin and coil of all sizes. Thanks to the retractable holder is a problem with the regular rewinding of the thread disappears. Holder for the top of the bobbin I don’t use at all.

SM-202A works with many types of fabrics. She takes the Jersey, including «butter», chiffon, crepe fabric. And even jeans or pants, you can sew with this machine.

But joints on thin material is smooth and not tied to each tissue will have to adapt a little stretching it with a certain force. The seam of a machine direct dvuhnitochnyj, not a chain, like most mini-cars. So have things sewn seam is not dissolved.

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In addition to the sewing machine I bought a table. With him even if only slightly, but easier. The material is not hanging but lying on the table, and the support for arm is available. And a table, and the machine is equipped with Antislip feet, but additionally I have put them under the rubber Mat. So the machine is almost not moved during operation, in spite of its light weight.

My review

Summarizing, I can say that mini sewing machine SM 202A is good support. It is easy to assemble, disassemble and store, care and tuning is minimal, so it is ideal for all who can’t afford a full size sewing machine due to budget or lack of space.

Again let me remind you that I bought this mini sewing machine on Aliexpress here.