Mini incubator for 7 eggs

He decided to incubate the eggs and raise some chickens — it’s cheaper, more environmentally friendly and it is very interesting and exciting experience.

Aliexpress chose a small, inexpensive incubator for 7 eggs 1365р. with free shipping here at Ali. Important: select the color indicated EU Plug (is the plug shape European standard). The parcel was sent the next day, it was 18 days, the track number to track.

Package came in well Packed, shock-resistant polyethylene with cavities. Includes:

  • The incubator.
  • Tray for 7 eggs.
  • Transparent lid with ventilation.
  • The power cord (EU Plug).
  • Instruction in the English language.
  • Eggs not included

A digital display shows what the temperature inside of the incubator, it can be adjusted to one tenth of a degree from 20 to 50 Celsius.

Inside, under the tray there is a compartment for water to maintain humidity. Built-in fan evenly distributes the temperature.

The incubator included at 37.9 degrees the day before laying the eggs, filled it with water to test how it keeps the temperature (variances negligible one-tenth of a degree).

Bought eggs, enlightened by candling (did not really understand what I was there to see, but on the fifth day it is beginning to dawn). Ovoscope cheap — better to buy with the incubator. Laid in the incubator.

3 — 6 times a day I flipped the eggs once a day poured water for humidity.

After 21 days on light there was a horrible harpy, but after an hour (when drain.) turned into a beautiful, fluffy, yellow balls, of which there is nothing dearer in the world. Eggs were collected from farmer (neighbor), all hatched seven Chicks.

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Purchase 100% satisfied. It’s just a miracle to see this whole process.

Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page.