Mighty cord USB Type-C overview

For my phone Xiaomi Mi A1 took out a second wire to charge and transfer data USB Type-C, it is called the USB-A or USB-C — not important.

Native of Xiaomi all right, he continues to work solidly at home, being constantly connected to your home computer. But I would like to have one cable at work, so as not to drag the same constantly.

A regular person goes to the nearest store and I go to Aliexpress, of course.

I would like a quality that has not collapsed after a few times of use. After a long study of a large number of proposals, the choice fell on the thick wire USB Type-C white colour as my phone. Here we must note: I always do not buy any twistable, ultra-compact, magnets and other glowing. I’m concerned about the simplicity, because simple means reliable, right?

In General, the one that I chose looked really thick, which inspires confidence. And the reviews were very flattering. Ordered here on Aliexpress. It cost at that time 2.5 dollars and, as I later realized, that even low price.

Came to me in a package after two weeks this «providera». Indeed, such a quality USB Type-C from China can withstand 3 amps, maybe 5 Amps. And it’s unlikely that it will ever break.

Sorry for the photo, all good Xiaomi my phone, but to remove the macro-shooting it turns out pretty bad. Just take my word for it: it is thick with cigarette ladies. It is unlikely that such break somewhere or burned. This wire Type-C can and a mobile to hang up to he charged in the air.

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Highly recommended! Don’t get fooled by all sorts of lighting, skruchivali, magnets. Our choice: simple but strong and reliable!