Midi keyboard Worlde Panda MINI

Hello! Ordered on Aliexpress MIDI keyboard Worlde. it cost 56$, came for 2 weeks in Kazan by regular mail, safe and sound. Packaged perfectly.

Keyboard is comfortable for a beginner musician the most. And professional fit. It has the basic necessary functions, nothing more.

Weighs MIDI tool quite a bit, it is convenient to take with you to performances.

The keys and the pads react to the speed of depression. Because of this the sound is as close to real. At first the pads will seem hard, but with time you get used to it.

The display on the keyboard is great, it is great to see the settings and values of controls. With the joystick, knobs and pads to control all the parameters of the software.

Keyboard from Aliexpress, whatever good she was, still weaker than the more direct brands (AKAI MPK MINI MK 2).

To summarize. Keyboard I liked, if you have never had MIDI, then it would suit you. Buy, suggest! Took on this page.

I can still recommend this Ukulele. It’s a little ukulele, which is very easy to start playing and actually start learning the game on stringed instruments.


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