MIDI keyboard Worlde Panda — mini for computer

As music plays an important role in my life, I’ve been wanting to buy a comfortable budget MIDI keyboard to computer, but the choice of a model of a certain complexity.

The contents

  1. Where to buy in online store
  2. Appearance
  3. Drum pads
  4. Keys and octaves
  5. My review
  6. Summary

Where to buy in online store

Due to the nature of the goods, such a device is very difficult to find in the appliance stores, and if it is there, the choice is usually small.

Therefore, the best solution was to use the already proven method of search in Internet store Aliexpress, where the choice was quite decent as the variety of models by price range.

My attention soon attracted a compact, pleasant externally, the model Worlde little-known company called Panda. She liked the external qualities combined with a rather broad functionality, the price is also arranged. Comparing with the more well-known brands, this model is significantly less cost — 54 dollars in rubles — 3 566, given the discount, here is the direct link to item and seller.



Design largely mimics the famous competitor — the legendary Akai, but it costs twice as less, not yielding as functionality and ease of use.

Is there anything that will fit a device of this size. From levers of control (fader), which, using a program (DAW) is the ability to bind to any control, such as handles, virtual synthesizer, as well as the volume faders on the mixer. Plus there are four pens-krutilki, which is also to be attached anywhere.

Drum pads

It is also worth noting the large drum pads, a total of 8 pieces, they are for playing drums, have a sensitivity to touch. On the left there are 8 buttons:

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  • Mod — helps to perform the vibrato effect.
  • CC Mod — Enables MIDI messages.
  • Prog — pressing this button it is possible to select programme using the buttons with arrows drawn.
  • Bank — when the button is pressed, the available choice of banks with the arrow buttons.
  • Pitch down/Pitch up — pitch variation.
  • Octave down/up Octave — these buttons with the drawn arrows are the most important, their main function is to switch the octaves below them are the light bulbs indicating what octave is included that helps to better focus.

But the buttons are multi-functional, clicking buttons such as «Bank» and «Prog», they change their function original function, becoming switches banks, or programs.

The pads seem a little tight at first, but it’s a matter of habit. The keys themselves are of decent quality, moderate sensitivity to depression. Another set provides a special management program the controller settings.

Keys and octaves

All the Worlde Panda keyboard is 2 octaves, which is equal to 25 keys, this is quite enough to tune acceptable, even with two hands, the register change octaves using the buttons.

The only thing MIDI keys do not really like is that they are not monolithic form, a little elongated projecting plates, but the convenience of this little suffering, especially playing correctly folded hand at the music school — if you’re holding the brush Apple.

When aspiring musician would try to play with straight fingers, it will sometimes cling a little to the protruding plates. Although, if you look at it optimistically, it is easy to classify the advantages, because the learner will have an incentive to put the proper technique.

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My review

Since the goal was to find a small, lightweight, convenient and most importantly mobile MIDI keyboard with the option to take it anywhere, connecting to laptop, this choice is fully justified.

And when you are at home, lightness and small dimensions give the possibility to move it anywhere you like.

For example, when you’re finished, just put the controller on top of the system unit and to print already on a normal keyboard that it is difficult to implement when using a more bulky variant.

Of course it is hardly available to play complex pieces like the Chopin etudes, but it is not created for such purposes.

It is convenient to strum some musical idea, if you are writing electronic music, or make their first steps in learning. Easy to register parties of any tools, using a specialized program, the main thing to remember about the buttons to switch octaves.

Also, this Midi keyboard Worlde Panda is well suited for introducing children to music, because you can buy a piano are very expensive, plus you need a lot of space, then it is sufficient to connect the device to any computer or laptop to turn it into a music Studio, where it is available to play virtually any virtual instrument or synth.

As for delivery, parcel arrived in 3 weeks from China, tracking the path of the goods occurred regularly. The package came inside a cardboard box. The kit provides the USB cord, plus the program recorded on the disc.


Summing up we can say: given the size and price category, this model Worlde Panda mini fully justified. Bought it on Aliexpress here on this page.

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By the way, if anyone wants a larger version to fully play complex pieces, using different octaves, this same manufacturer has another model called Panda49, though it costs much more expensive.