Microscope binocular AOmekie — overview and reviews

Good day! I will tell you about the microscope AOmekie, which was bought as a gift to a child 10 years for the New year. The order was made on 11 November, the day of the sale on Aliexpress, and after a week we had. Microscope bought for quite attractive for this unit price discount but he came only 3658 rubles. Delivery is very fast, as it was sent from Russia by company sdek.

Bought at the official store Aomekie here.

The contents

  • Equipment
  • Housing and setup
  • My review: pros and cons
  • Summary and revision
  • Video
  • Equipment

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    The packaging of this microscope is ugly, but quite strong, so the device will withstand even the long journey by mail. Package includes:

    • the microscope;
    • removable eyepiece (Packed separately for protection);
    • the power supply unit.

    This binocular microscope is not a toy. It is well suited for the first home experiences and certainly will be useful to medical students. Three lens with a magnification of 4, 10 and 40 times give an excellent picture. The manufacturer claims a maximum magnification of 640 times, but in fact it is not. It does not interfere with: enough to increase coverage, and will run the most powerful lens.

    Housing and setup

    The Cabinet is made of metal and the bottom small legs that make it stable during operation. Subject table with two clamping legs. They are designed for fixing of the studied material. Legs parted slightly, so for this microscope is better to choose thin glass slides.

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    Screw for focusing from AOmekie two way, convenient for both left-handers and right-handers. To the left is the light switch and adjusting its power. Under stage – ROM with 6 colour filters. Rotating it, you will be able to choose the best illumination without using additional coloring materials in the preparation of drugs for the study. Choosing light filters, you can achieve additional highlight that is necessary when working with lens 40X.

    My review: pros and cons


    • small size;
    • durable;
    • easy to use;
    • in normal lighting gives an increase of 400 times (tested by comparison with a professional microscope);
    • battery operated (not yet tried).


    • does not give the manufacturer increase;
    • requires additional light source or buy a more powerful eyepiece;
    • lever light switch is inconvenient for right-handers;
    • inconvenient location connect the plug of the power supply (if it turns out to be a front man and it’s easy to pull out);
    • sold without glass slides.

    Image quality:

    • ready (training) materials are perfectly visible on all lenses. Compared with an ordinary school microscope, even a small increase looks sharper;
    • improvised materials are viewed by maximum average lens. Choosing a high, it is difficult to focus the image

    What to see:

    • all school materials: peel the onions, cut the stems of plants, the skins of fruits, starch, dust, moss, earth, yeast. Images are clear as the drawings in the textbook;
    • elementary: I watched the ciliates and amoebae. Visible in small and medium mode, the maximum is not focused;
    • biological materials (blood, urine): visible blood cells, small crystals, leached erythrocytes. Visible sperm. Well illustrated by the minimum and the average increase is somewhat vague on the max, especially the blood.
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    Summary and revision

    Very good product, especially for the money. Yes, most likely in a lot of cases will need additional light source, but put on a window sill in daylight or use a table lamp — not difficult. Well, if hands grow from the right place, then attach some individual light bulb of low power is also quite possible.

    PS once again, bought in the official website Aomekie here.