Microphone Kebidumei SF-666

Hello! I would like to tell you about the microphone, I bought on Aliexpress, and calling themselves «Kebidumei SF-666 1pcs».

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Tripod
  3. Quality
  4. The pros and cons
  5. Conclusion

Where to buy

The microphone I bought on Aliexpress for 7.5 dollars + 1 dollar shipping. Now the price of the microphone and the shipping increased by a few dollars, which is sad. He went to Kazan more than two months of regular mail, which is strange, as the previous MIC I ordered from the same seller came less than a month.

From the seller there is a choice of several colors microphone: white, gold and black. I ordered a microphone white. When the microphone is delivered in the kit along with the microphone was tripod. Ordered on Ali here.


The tripod is pretty flimsy, if you accidentally touch it and drop it on the floor, it may crack, it can split off any part on the holder or the stem of the tripod.


If we talk about the quality of the microphone, it is worth the money. I checked him in online games, to record sound in Skype when communicating with each other, everywhere he showed himself well.

Sound clear, other people heard me, and I myself am listening to his speech recorded on this microphone, was happy, didn’t hear any noise and other things.

I would also like to mention the cord to the microphone. It is quite long, and it means that this microphone can be used not only for voice chat in online games, but also at various events.

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The pros and cons

Pros: good sound, handy tripod, nice color microphone and cord, long cord.

Cons: the price, which is now also increased the instability of the tripod, long delivery.


Overall this product is decent if you want to get a good sound and are not afraid to shell out, then this microphone is your choice. Again, ordered on Aliexpress on this page. Can you recommend a professional sound card Tascam , but for true audiophiles, of course, is simply brilliant and cool headphones Bluedio Vinyl Plus.