Microphone FIFINE K669 USB

When a little bit of money, but I want a good microphone for computer or video shooting, say, a YouTube channel, you can pay attention to Fifine K669.

The contents

  1. Where to buy Ali
  2. Equipment
  3. Ease of use and quality
  4. Cons
  5. My review
  6. Video about the sound

Where to buy Ali

It is connected via USB, I ordered a microphone on Aliexpress here. He is also known under the brand name Lefon. But that is a bit different in appearance, but the filling is all the same and they are produced at the same factory.

Cost about 25$ plus-minus different sellers, was delivered three weeks for free airmail.


Comes with the Essentials:

  • The microphone itself;
  • The wire for the USB connection, rather long 180 cm;
  • A small tabletop tripod to which it is very easy to attach and can be set to different heights and inclinations, but only on the table. On stage he comes only in the presence of the podium at the last.

Ease of use and quality

The body K669 metal and it’s pretty weighty, which in my opinion very well and inspires confidence on the quality. On the side there is a knob adjust the volume level when recording.

Frequency range: 20 Hz-20 kHz and the sensitivity — 34 DB, which is a very high figure, especially for a budget device.

No additional drivers are required, quietly located on Windows any version above XP (a ten, a seven, eight and 8.1).


  • No conventional analog connector — only USB, so the camera or phone plug. Although, to Android you can try using the adapter on the microUSB;
  • FIFINE at no windbreaks, but can be purchased separately. Or just add a level and put in side of mouth not to breathe directly. Due to the fact that the microphone is unidirectional, the sounds around will not be so much heard as in the case of multi-directionally.
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My review

Yes, it is not the most expensive microphone available now on Aliexpress, but the ratio quality/price is better to find unlikely. Think 25$ is not too much for your stream, channel, or simply games.

The sound of the recording is very clean even without pre-treatment program. Besides, they are very stylish, on the desktop, blogger or gamer attracts attention.

Once again I remind you that the microphone of famous brand not only FIFINE K669, but as Lefon. I bought it on Aliexpress on this page, and have no regrets!

You can see more on our website at condenser Zeepin BM 800 with high tripod.

Video about the sound