Microphone Felyby BM 900 is the updated version of the 800

Let’s start with the delivery and cost: I Ordered this condenser microphone Felyby BM 900 July 12, for 2700 RUB along with a bracket for it and pop filter for 2700 rubles came in the Kemerovo oblast it for 8 days, July 20, took it to the post office. The packaging was well made and is in no way corrupted. Took on Aliexpress here on this page.

The contents

  1. Control and echo
  2. Quality sound and recording
  3. The bracket and the device issue
  4. The pros and cons
  5. Conclusion
  6. Video

Control and echo

On the microphone there are two «whirlings». The first is responsible for the microphone volume, it is convenient enough when someone comes into the room, bent to 0 and nobody hears you.

The second is to adjust the so-called «Echo». Yes, you heard right, it was an echo. Honestly, I never found a use for this feature. By the way, it is interesting that in all the Chinese MICS adjustment due to reverse. That is, to increase volume you need to turn to the left and reduce — right, the first time is quite unusual.

Quality sound and recording

Arriving home, I started to deal with it. The microphone looked presentable, gave the impression of an expensive device. When you first connect and the sound check I noticed a very strong noises, I did not like it, as it is not thought possible neither to communicate nor to record some video, and I bought it specifically for such purposes.

And immediately I started combing through the Internet looking for a solution for this problem. Found that kind can help the program Adobe autdition CC. Installed, tried, truly, the noise was immediately gone, the fact that «Adobe» you need to enable active noise cancellation, then everything runs without problems.

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As for the radius of the trap sound, it is high enough off the end of the room at maximum volume the microphone can hear me without any problems, but if the microphone is turned front part to the sound, not Vice versa. As it is a condenser, if it is rotated back to the sound source, then absolutely nothing will be heard.

The bracket and the device issue

Now I would like to say a few words about the quality of the bracket…

He looks good, sturdy metal frame, but just the legs are plastic and hold the microphone very bad time to time it drops out of them. Because of these drops on my microphone formed dents, in principle, the work does not affect okay.

But there the problem is quite serious. Began to move away the cable from the microphone Felyby BM 900. Initially, these were rare and insignificant. but then when even the smallest movement of the device, the cable is moved and the microphone is passed on to those with whom I communicate diabolical sounds. Accordingly, it is no good, so use has become extremely complex, in the sense that it is quite impossible to touch.

Also, since talking about problems, the leg of the bracket that holds the table, is also bent, and something tells me, after a couple of months can and do break.

The pros and cons

Now let’s put it all together and understand the advantages and disadvantages of microphone Felyby BM 900. Advantages:

  • Of course — the price for this price is hard to find bole suitable option.
  • Delivery time, as item is sent from Russia, then I think even the long delivery will take no more than 15 days.
  • Bracket and pop filter included. You don’t have to run around and look for or order from other sellers of these accessories.
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Configure. When it will come to you, you need to spend another hour to adjust the sound, but believe me, it’s worth it.


As you can see, in my opinion clearly more advantages than disadvantages. Therefore, if you are a new streamer or do you want to remove the video, Felyby BM 900 is your choice for the first time. Again, took it on Aliexpress here.

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