Microcomputer Raspberry Pi 3rd generation B+

For my son’s birthday who loves to Tinker with electronics and electronic circuits, I wanted to give some special gift.

Gaze fell on the chip, of which there are many things you can do. I chose the Raspberry Pi single Board computer 3rd generation version B+. Its price is about$ 35. Bought here from a seller with nine years of experience.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality and operating systems
  3. Application
  4. Conclusion
  5. Video

Where to buy

Today the product is out of stock, but I think it won’t be hard to find it on Aliexpress at this link. I do not recommend taking sets with power supply as the power supply is bad in Chinese and broken product nobody wants because some BP.

Shipping: ordered on 29 October, the seller sent the next day after ordering. In Russia the parcel was stolen. Goods arrived on day 36, wrapped in a film and the soft lining pimply package.

Quality and operating systems

The microcontroller was lying in the box with a little instruction. Everything is run from the first run.

Review: you must write the OS image on the microSD card, insert it and connect the power to the microcontroller. Available OS, like Android, Debian, Raspbian, Adafruit – occidentalis.

To interact with peripherals, there is one HDMI, one 3.5 jack for audio headset, one Ethernet port, 4 USB 2.0, on-Board immediately built-in Bluetooth 4.2, WI-FI with support for 5G.


Pleased with a gift of the son, and he immediately came up with an application of it. Well, while flying the parts for a new project my son and I have done on Raspberry pi media player.

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I have to say, it turned out great. Now on the TV you can watch YouTube and different movies, available radio and many other things, by the way I have a TV without smart-tv. It is possible to tell long. How to do you can find online articles a lot.

The microcomputer can be used for those who work in different offices, who all the time acts, and he must have a computer with its own comfortable settings all files.

I think not everyone wants to lug around all the time heavy laptop, and they are not cheap, and so sick, hooked up the mouse, keyboard, monitor, free, stuck in the socket and it works (in a basic OS like Raspbian includes all office applications like Microsoft).

You can even your own server to deploy the on the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ or to collect smart home, if a lot of patience and desire.


In conclusion, the microcomputer of the Raspberri justified the hopes, the pros much, cons when using noticed. In the most part I can advise to those who like to do projects with electronics. But also for those who will help in the situations described above, and the like.

Again, can be bought on Aliexpress here. I can also recommend such an advanced soldering iron and multimeter — digital multimeter FY76.