Metallic garland for the interior in the form of diamonds

Garlands that I buy often and on different resources. This was a gift for my girlfriend, was chosen for reasons of style (it looks very impressive), geometrical motifs and simplicity of design.

So, I ordered a garland in length of half a meter with ten LEDs (which coincides with the promises of the seller), the second option from the product page and three meters, respectively, twenty LEDs.

It is made in Golden color (rose gold), metal rods forming a diamond shape, hollow inside (it turns out the led, a prisoner in a cage in a diamond shape).

Binds all of the diamond standard for garlands this type of twisted cord transparent, quite strong, in mind in the near future, not going to fall apart.


Garland, in contrast to the type «Waterfall», is powered by two AA batteries (penlight), complete they do not go, the cord is crowned with a suitable transparent plastic box container. It is very convenient, it can be hang on the wall above the bed, not fearing the length of the wire, and decorate her pictures/shelves/curtains, hang the mirror or anywhere else — it all depends on your imagination.


The bulbs glow a soft yellow, warm, tranquil light in one mode is static, not angry. Light enough to fans of romantic get-togethers, work at the computer at night so as not tired eyes, for an overview of the room and so, as a nightlight, very humbling (photographers for a celebratory «layout» as an option). «Crystals» is quite large, looks harmoniously and stylishly into any interior. All lovers of geometry in the design I suggest you look.

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Packaging: the parcel was Packed in the usual cardboard box without any «guts» in the form of a bubble film/polyfoam/or other materials to cushion shocks, i.e., security measures for transportation of fragile items by the seller complied with so so.

In the end, the Russian Post brought me quite a battered box with one broken corner (the photo is not preserved), and this is a huge minus — not everyone could be lucky like me, in such circumstances, the thin metal may be adversely affected.

Thank God, my garland is almost not damaged — only the faces of two diamonds a little bent — not critical, it is even possible to straighten, but I was afraid to do it themselves). Product ordered the twelfth of November, came to Kaliningrad in about a month, taking into account the pre-turmoil and the sale of 11.11, which is pretty good. The parcel tracked all the way, the courier is not provided.

At the time of order garland cost $ 7.69 = 505 rubles, plus I paid about a dollar and a half for «fast delivery». Total — about six hundred rubles. The same garland seen on another popular Internet site for fifteen hundred.

The shop is called «SVELTA», on the product page 146 orders, 55 reviews (more positive, with photos), 1768-mi people into «desired». The overall rating is 4.8.

Despite the stocks with the packaging, definitely recommend garland to create a festive mood and magical atmosphere) And suggest more in the size of 3 meters, 1.5 for the majority of design solutions will be enough.

Bought on Aliexpress here on this page.

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