Mens wallet Sendefn

You can’t create a stylish look without extra accessories. Purse became one of the most essential items in men. In addition to well-chosen hours and the belt.

So I decided to get a new fashionable purse, in order not to lag behind the main layer of the male population, and ordered on the website Aliexpress purse brand Sendefn here. I immediately liked its black color and shape. And seeing the attractive price of just $ 25, I immediately issued the order.

Took a parcel from China by regular mail and 20 days were near me post office. Arriving in the city, I took her to this day.

What was my surprise, when I opened the long-awaited Sendefn wallet. He was still attracted to me, as it was in the picture. Purse I needed for everyday use, which means its minimal decor: there are no rhinestones. Fits comfortably in your hand. As for reliability, there is a special strap that can be worn on the hand to the purse hanging on her arm.

The contents

  1. Opinion
  2. The Department for business cards
  3. For simcard and memory cards
  4. Material
  5. Conclusion


Single word want to pay offices Sendefn wallet. He’s got a lot of them. While the parcel has not reached me, I read the reviews about my purchase. Many of them wrote that the purse is good, but doesn’t fit fully passport. So, on personal experience checked: everything breaks! Most likely they were trying to put it in a crust. Yes, the passport cover sticks out a little from the wallet.

The Department for business cards

There are also slots for business cards or they can be used for credit, debit, or loyalty / discount cards. For the convenience of our car enthusiasts there is a separate pocket for a driver’s license, but I printed it at the size the photo of his family. Turned out very nice.

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For simcard and memory cards

For those people who have many SIM cards manufacturers Sendefn purse bothered and special pockets for them. I was this summer in the Republic of Belarus and for communicating acquired data SIM to their local operator. Next year my wife and I are going to fly there. And not to buy every time a new SIM card, I put the old one in this convenient pocket for SIM cards. And secondly, I put a spare flash drive of the phone.

Though the product in itself looks very fashionable, but it is still roomy and comfortable. Pocket wallet with a large iron zipper accommodates bills, and thus they do not need to turn. They will retain their original appearance. Of course, there are pockets. Like that one time I took him about five hundred rubles ten ruble coins. The volume and shape Sendefn wallet remained almost unchanged. It was still stylish.


What can you say about the material of the wallet. He certainly is not made of grainy calf leather. This material is made from the skin of young calves under the age of one and a half years. But still the wallet that sent me, made from very high quality leather. And the edges and place rubberized stitching. It is made for long-term use. I think it will last for ten years, and I probably will get rid of him if only I get bored and I’ll find a worthy replacement Sendefn wallet.


Overall I was very happy with the purchase. Because when I go to the Department stores where you can buy men’s wallets, and see exactly the same Sendefn wallet. But the price is not like my $ 25 and about two times higher, say 50 bucks. He really is very convenient. After all, there are all my credit cards, business cards, and driver’s license, passport, snils and most importantly, a photograph of my beloved wife and children.

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So I advise you to buy yourself or as a gift to your spouse or father Sendefn wallet. As any man will consider, whether he’s 16 or 80 years old, severe style of the man in the purchase or gift. Again, bought here on Ali, there you can see variations in color and the price today.