Mens leather shoes VESONAL

Decided to buy husband shoes on Aliexpress. After gathering from him all the requirements, began to explore the site. The requirements were such short, light, for use in dry weather, temperature from -5 to +2. Found VESONAL official store Official Store with good reviews. Chose. I liked it.

In addition, the seller arranged the sale, and the shoes I got for$10.

Husband show of your choice in advance, I did not. Decided to surprise, so to speak.

The contents

  1. About the size
  2. Quality
  3. Conclusion

About the size

Seller was very communicative. First ordered size 42 on the net. But then I thought, and asked to be changed to 44.

The seller agreed to do without any issues. Well, that changed. My husband wears a 42, but 44 got just.

I think that if it was necessary to change the colour, the seller and agreed to it. By the way, can such colors: black, dark blue and brown.

To the eagle, the parcel reached in 3 weeks. Was courier home delivery from the transport company of SDC.

It was Packed very well — in the air package. Each Shoe VESONAL Packed in a pouch. The smell of plastic or chemicals was not. Although many Chinese shoes this very sin.


About the shoes. Boots as in the photo. Look more like sneakers or running shoes. Color dark blue. Leatherette VESONAL very soft and smooth.

Of course this is not the winter version, as indicated by the seller. Although the winters are different, for our winters won’t do. But in the offseason the most, definitely not inside the fur, well, this was to be expected.

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On the leg shoes VESONAL looks very good, gently. Not huge. Husband says very comfortable, at least while walking around the house, was pleased. Rubber outsole bends well.


In General, the customer is satisfied. As will be to wear, check out the following winter.

But to buy them at full price in more than 3 thousands I would not. 1800 rubles is the price. More — I would have thought. Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page. Them perfect this belt from crocodile skin, men’s bomber MME and sweatshirt with fur and a hood.