Mens leather satchel Oxleaz

‘ve been looking for on Aliexpress bag husband as a gift. Needed thing meet certain requirements: stylish appearance, roominess, made of natural material.

The contents

  1. Model and where to buy
  2. The quality and appearance
  3. Material
  4. Scratches
  5. Lining
  6. Pockets and compartment
  7. Opinion

Model and where to buy

I paid attention to the rating of the seller, the possibility of delivery of Russia and the speed of the delivery. The choice fell on the shop Oxleaz Store.

The model is a satchel for men, medium size (A4 size and a couple of containers with food fits without problems). A choice of 6 colors, I settled on the color version Chocolate Crazyhorse — nice color brown with a little reddishness.

The bag can be worn over the shoulder, and if desired, in the hand — it is a short handle. Special attention is paid to the delivery — very fast, for which the seller thank you very much. Great for mens warm boots Zogeer, just need to color about the same to take.

Courier service IML Express delivered a package directly to the apartment. The thing came well packaged, no creases, inside is stuffed with paper and wrapped in several layers of polyethylene, the path is not deformed.

When unpacking odor was not only the smell of leather. The delivery took only five days. The product fully meets the description and even slightly exceeds expectations. The bag is gorgeous!

The quality and appearance


Can not not pay attention to the material from which the bag is made…

First, it is genuine leather (I checked, smelled, cut)) second, this crazy horse — crafted and specially treated leather of cattle and its main feature is the external distressing, that is, the material looks as if it is not the first year and it already has small scratches and scuffs.

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Because of this, the bag is not afraid of the emergence of new small flaws because of their appearance, the product takes on a vintage and exclusive image.


At the same time feature of this skin is easy to «repair» — just swipe your finger across the scratches and they become much less proven. The portfolio matte surface, skin not shiny, quite soft to the touch.


The lining is made of dense material that does not rustle (and usually Chinese sellers make this mistake). Fittings high-quality and durable, there are the carbines with the mechanism of twisting of the fastening shoulder strap, zipper sewn securely — and it works flawlessly.

Pockets and compartment

Inside one large compartment and it has two standard pockets-loops for the phone and one closed with a zipper.Two external patch pockets and one back zipper. Handles to carry the bag-briefcase in hand and shoulder strap are made of a dense material, proved to be reliable. With her look good wrist watch brands Lige and here’s a bag.


At the time of ordering the cost of bags was 3 152,46 rubles, now the price in the store has increased significantly and the same model of delivery from Russia is already 5846, 88. The difference is quite noticeable, but even at that price, the bag is worth it. But we need to look at a specific day, often there are sales, price drops and stuff…

In our city, prices for such articles of leather begin around 15 thousand rubles. After six months of almost daily use the thing still looks great, locks work as they should. Excellent, functional model is quite high factory quality. Here is a link to the bag on Aliexpress.

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