Men’s wetsuit Professional diving and swimming

Booked for holidays in may my husband’s wetsuit for diving. Live in the Crimea, is very fond of debt, and to swim with mask and flippers, catching crabs, etc. in summer, wherever you went, the water warm for a long time to dive, but even in the summer is changing over to the sea and water in one day with +25 drops to +13.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The quality and appearance
  3. The size and convenience
  4. Experience in the use of water
  5. Conclusion

Where to buy

We have a hydro suit for men costs about 18 000, but purely by chance I found on Aliexpress wetsuit for diving Professional for 3134 ruble here on this page. Thought very cheap, but for a happy.

Most afraid that the size will not fit. The husband is clearly taller and weighing more than specified in the dimensional grid (the biggest size is XXXL). But on your own risk ordered. The parcel came by Post of Russia 2.5 weeks.

The quality and appearance

The wetsuit is very light and small when folded. Easy to twist and place in backpack, and still remains a place for other equipment.

During the inspection revealed a small defect at the junction of three stitches ripped threads and formed a small hole. Opened a dispute, to fix the costume back 600 rubles.

The costume on the store’s website is available in three colors — black, blue and orange-black. Chose the black, because sometimes when swimming and «hunt» crabs should not draw attention to their «bright» color.

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Although this wetsuit Professional can be used for surfing, snorkeling, Windsurfing, water bikes, just float, etc. Then bright colors will look cool.

So, basically, all the seams are well stitched (except for this one hole, but sewed it up) at the edges of sleeves, legs and throat soft neoprene bet that the idea does not pass water in a wetsuit (so we thought).

The size and convenience

Husband for size 2 is more than specified size costume, still climbed well fastened. A bit crowded, but very good stretches and not bursting at the seams. There is the main and only zip on the back with a long rope on the dog to self-zip wetsuit.

After fastening on the neck closes with Velcro, so the lightning is not dispersed in water. On the chest a rubberized insert, do not really understand why, but it is at the junction of these two materials separated seam. On knees also has insert, apparently to protect from rubbing.

Ideally, you should not hope to get such men’s suit Professional who is going to size. It is relatively strongly squeezes the chest in the beginning noticeable. But after walking a bit, you know that not enough air. It’s hard to drool when the suit pressure.

It’s even more difficult under the water, when additional water compresses your whole body. So when the lack of air and faint. Worse if it happens in the water. Take costumes for men size.

Have a Professional wetsuit the neoprene thickness — 3 mm. keeps the body temperature. Very pleasant to the touch, soft. The seller indicates that the material breathes, but has not yet managed to test it or feel the weather allows.

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Experience in the use of water

In may was able to test it in a fresh lake and sea. The sea water degree +12 was. Yes, the suit once wet, but once inside the water is heated by the body temperature and keeps the temperature inside of a man’s suit. Wet but warm.

If you still dive in such cold water, it is better to order and neoprene socks (boots), and gloves, and «Balaclava» on its head. Here never thought to buy it right away head cold, but so very warm and comfortable to dive. Unable to shoot his underwater adventure and to recommend action camera Eken h9 with mind-blowing shooting in UltraHD 4k.

Leaving the water (even if a strong wind) — it’s not cold. Wet suit Professional continues to keep the temperature even on land. Easily removed. When transporting wet Professional with it not flowing that then the whole trunk or bag wet.

It is better to dry not in direct sunlight (to preserve the integrity of the material that is not cracked etc.). Dries relatively quickly. In any case, do not leave it wet or even slightly damp. Be sure to dry.


The seller on Ali HOLDFINER Store very accommodating. Helps to choose the size. He said that the costume will fit, take only the largest size.

In the city or in the Crimea, men’s diving suit and dives for the tall guy with the «tummy» very difficult, or they are well.

Was very pleased with the purchase, wetsuit Professional looks cool and not to say that he is 3134 of the ruble. Again, bought on Aliexpress here. Not bad to take and watch with a water-resistant ip68 level dive, the heart rate monitor and other necessary things — smart watch Waterproof Smart Watch.

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