Men’s watches SKMEI 9069

His gift on birthday I ordered from AliExpress here wrist watch SKMEI 9069, what can we say about this purchase…

I originally planned to buy a watch of another brand, but my choice stopped on this watch, exactly what I like it’s simplicity, plain black dial with Roman numerals and calendar, metal stainless steel strap (long enough, had to remove 2 links on both sides).

The contents

  1. Quality
  2. Price and where to buy
  3. Conclusion
  4. Video


As assured by the seller that the watch SKMEI 9069 — waterproof (didn’t test for water resistance), this watch also I liked the double clasp that ensures accidental opening of the bracelet, the watch’s precision is excellent.

Since the settings (on the same day and picked up a package) to the present day watches are not left behind and ran for a minute, the battery is not changed.

One small drawback is the loud ticking of the arrows.

Price and where to buy

As for the price, I bought them for $ 13 on Aliexpress at the official representative of the brand here, at that time was a discount.

As for the communication with the seller, I is not led nor any correspondence that the order was sent in 2 days after payment, I was very surprised, but the seller is really responsible, he’s got a great rating on the store website.

Shipping also I was very surprised by his speed, from China to Russia, it came in about 7-8 days and the rest of the time she went to the place of destination, delivery time took 14 days that I ordered the watch on 8 February, was sent on 10 February, they came to me by email on February 24, the same day I took it.

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Before unpacking the parcel with their SKMEI 9069 I haven’t done any videos or pictures, but I will say that the parcel was Packed modestly, in plain package wrapped in another package, it was the original tag, in General, that’s all.


In principle, I am satisfied with my purchase SKMEI 9069, as the watch is worth the money in city shops such a watch would cost me 2 times more expensive. Still I can recommend to pay attention to the model Skmei Relogio Masculino and smart fitness watch Diggro Di10 with Bluetoth in the building «For real men»!