Men’s sweatshirt from UFC MIDUO

Will share a good experience buying on Aliexpress. As an Amateur mixed martial arts, in particular UFC, I wanted to buy a sweatshirt, decorated with abbreviation of this very popular world of MMA promotion.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The dimensions of the table
  3. The quality
  4. Conclusion

Where to buy

If you try to find this product in our clothing stores, or even on the market, the first: its most likely very hard to find, and secondly: the cost there is usually much more, therefore, the best solution was to use search online store Ali.

The website immediately came up with a good selection of the right models at an affordable price, at the time of purchase the cost was $ 23 48 cents, or 1626 rubles, given a discount of 9 percent (without markdown the cost is 1787 rubles). Here is a link to it.

By the way, discounts are held there often. Offered several colors: yellow, gray, red and black. I liked the last option, where the white lettering looks great on a dark background.

Although this is a matter of taste, for example, if someone choose options grey or yellow, the color of the abbreviation «UFC» will become black, red with black hoodies adorned with a white font.

The dimensions of the table

A description of the proposed online store entirely true, when you select your size XXXL he came just perfect.

By the way, the product description contains a table of sizes, where it is possible to calculate the appropriate parameters, if the buyer ill-versed in the different types of measurement clothes, there are noticeable differences Asian size, European.

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Delivery carried out quickly enough, took a little more than two weeks. So worrying about what clothing will come too late it was unnecessary.

Although, when ordering the parcel is closer to the end of October, there were fears that wear it will have until the spring, but the shipment arrived on time, when the frost had not yet reached up to the edges.

In the summer we have the weather is often cool, so clean the clothes far too hasty a step.

The quality

The quality is also fully satisfied. The material is listed as «fleece cardigan», looks very thin, feels light, smooth inside, plus a nice tactile sensations, you can feel fairly comfortable even when the weather has already become cool.

The material itself I liked his palpable ease. Also, there are no visible factory flaws sometimes Chinese products, there are all high quality sieve.

The zipper is also not rarely the weak point of clothing from China, here he looks safe, for all the exploitation problems yet.

The design of the hoodies UFC is also fully satisfied, pocket form combines practicality with a stylish look, plus a comfortable large hood that covers the head well, it can serve not only as a stylish attribute, but also to protect when the cold wind blows.

In this hoodie you can go in the spring, it is appropriate to wear on rainy summer days, continuing to wear it until late fall. Perfect for morning runs, the hood perfectly covers the head, provides a comfortable jog to protect against adverse climate.

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As we often give in to laziness, to postpone a jog, waiting for warm days, the onset of which lasts very long.


Comparing all the advantages can be summed up: purchase meets all the requirements of the given price category.

Great attitude with reasonable prices satisfactory quality material with comfortable fit and stylish appearance.

The obvious drawbacks have hoodies UFC, except that the material cannot be attributed to expensive and prestigious, but given the cost to talk about it would be weird.

Again, bought on Aliexpress here. Also, can you recommend a great Bona mens running shoes and sport watches with fitness chip inside Diggro Di10 with Bluetoth.