Men’s sneakers sport soft shoes LAISUMK

In the winter, I thought about what’ll go in the spring and summer, what kind of shoes out of the closet is «update». I, like thousands of our other residents, «went» not to the Mall, and the Internet.

On Aliexpress in the searcher has typed in the query «spring and summer shoes» and in the endless issued the list after a two-day «election,» settled on sports shoes in dark blue on the laces, a solid white sole with two thin strips of blue and red, as well as the manufacturer’s logo LAISUMK on the outside of the shoes.

In the photo, these «boots» look more than decent and cost a little more than 1200 rubles. I’ve been trying to deal with my desired size, looked at the table, read the reviews and, in the end, chose. Placed the order here on this page Aliexpress, so… be patient.

I didn’t worry about timing, since the shoes I was going to need until the end of April. the ordered shoes arrived in my town in the Rostov region after about 2 months.

Received, I, in any case, in the process of unpacking was to take a photo. But the product did not disappoint expectations.

Looked shoes LAISUMK very well, almost like the pictures on the website, sole glued was clear, exactly, the seams of the lining is almost perfect, the stitching on the vamp of each Shoe matched perfectly to the upper edge of the sole, a great strong laces insole in the shoes is soft and comfortable, in General all on the level.

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The only thing that did not suit me — I still cheat with the size. A half size they were too big for me. Had to put an insole from an old Shoe.

To date (end of September) these shoes are «lived» for 5 months and is still alive. Naturally, I dragged them on a daily basis, however, wore quite often. Excellent sneakers look with this hoodie and fur, with sporty sweater from UFC MIDUO.

The only thing to wear is quite noticeable podterlas sole back on the «heel». In addition, a couple of times to glue the strips on the sole.

Very decent sneakers LAISUMK was, I even first time review was written by Ali. In addition, I ordered the same light color in the middle of may, which is now also wearing. I even think that next year you can safely wear them, though not enough for the whole season. Once again, I bought shoes on Aliexpress here.