Men’s bomber MME

Bomber brand MME Thintenda was ordered from the shop Tears of Mona Lisa August 18, 2018 for 30.54$ size M. delivery was to be made free by ePacket service for 30 days. Bought on Aliexpress here on this page.

The size was selected to the grid dimension, which is present on the product page. Seller advised after the grant of their size, were also asked which version of the bomber jacket I want (thin or slightly warmed), was selected insulated option, there inside was a little cotton.

Unfortunately, the bomber was sent only after 12 days, namely, August 31. The goods were tracked all the way to the post office. Was given a tracking number for the goods, which were tracked in the Mail app Russia. It came after 35 days and, in General, no complaints.

Packed bomber was well damaged during transport could not.

The contents

  1. About the size
  2. Quality
  3. Conclusion

About the size

The bomber, unfortunately, does not match the declared size error size is much more specified on the product page.

Themselves had to take size L or XL, but was advised it was M. As a result, short sleeves, narrow at the shoulders.


On quality no complaints. All seams are straight and the extra thread is good, the cotton padding is really warm, main material – polyester.

After fitting immediately had written a message to the seller to compensate. The possibility of sending back the product was not, so it was decided to open a dispute, which considered two days and returned 18.45$, that is more than half the initial price.

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In General, the goods I not satisfied, but the seller didn’t argue or try to convince me, so the dispute ended in my favor, and part of me still back. In the end, I think that if we consider the error in a couple of inches (as stated on the product page), and in a couple of sizes, then the product is worthy of attention and orders.

On Aliexpress there are many other variants of these products, here is a link to a whole section, there’s this. Still I can recommend a great men’s fleece robe below the knees and the Park-sheepskin JAZZEVAR in the style of Zara.