Men’s bag Soperwillton to study

A great bag for school or other things that do not require much space. Bag Soperwillton is the so-called bag «over the shoulder», that is, it has a strap that clings to the two fasteners and is hung on your shoulder. It is made compact and contains interior pockets and side storage compartments.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Appearance and equipment
  3. About the size
  4. Compartments and pockets
  5. Use

Where to buy

Made an order on 31 August 2018 at a total cost of RUB 1102.59 delivery. The product page is here. This is the official website of the manufacturer Soperwillton. The order was processed 3 days and had to come in for 15-40 days.

Came in two weeks, and I am pleasantly surprised. Came standard Aliexpress packaging envelope. No third-party odor, or external defects when unpacking was found. Inside the package was a bag and a strap for her.

Delivery is available from China or from Russia. I ordered from Russia, because I didn’t want to wait long and I was starting to study. Delivery by the company CDEK and the cost for it is calculated from picking bags.

Appearance and equipment

In front of the icon with the company logo in the letter “S” on a red background. Looks stylish and solid at the same time.

Bag made of artificial material Oxford, which is characterized by its strength and resistance to moisture. The Oxford material typically used to create goods and clothes for active rest and sports, and has great durability.

To touch any surface very pleasant, nothing clings to the hand and does not irritate the skin. All clasps and fasteners for the strap is sewed very firmly. For the 6 months of heavy use nothing has disappeared and did not move even one seam.

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All the seller has 4 types of equipment bags and 3 of them you can order a waist belt to keep the bag. Picking or as they are called on Aliexpress colors of the bag:

  • Small – size small;
  • Middle – average size;
  • New size – the «New size»;
  • Big – big size.

About the size

The biggest size bags of “Big” is a bag with a width of 21 cm and 26 cm. I Personally have this bag and ordered because while studying you need to deal with lots of documents and notebooks.

Unfortunately, even the largest size of this Soperwillton not accommodate all the A4 sheet, so you have to fold it in half.

If you want to buy this bag, the photo order is a comparative table with the size of the bag, which is worth to see.

Small size Soperwillton “Small” is a small bag is 16 inches high. It is very small if you need to carry documents or securities, so you should think about purchasing size “New size” or “Big”.

Bags small size will have the same distinctive properties, but to hold things in itself, it will be much less. Little bags Soperwillton can be useful for storing phone, small tablet and e-cards.

Compartments and pockets

All Soperwillton 5-pocket zip-fasteners enough for intensive study, requiring constant wearing of many books and documents. Inside the bag one of made pockets zip-closure, which allows more reliable to store such important documents as passport or student card.

Side pocket that will fit to your body when wearing, is made of sufficiently durable and secure zipper closure. It is very convenient to put loose change, keys or Essentials that you normally take when going somewhere.

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For all the time wear, I have never lost any money or securities, because this pocket is made really comfortable for your hands.

Very conveniently divided compartments, which are 3 and they allow you to accommodate all the necessary. There is also an external pocket on the Velcro, which you can put tickets or some small paper, but be careful, this pocket doesn’t zip up like a zipper-closure and has open access from the top.

All pockets made of lining material which made from polyester. The touch is very nice and in a compartment with a zip pocket-closure corporate logo Soperwillton.

Looks very nice I’m always happy when you open it to put in her textbooks or notebooks. It becomes evident and clear that the manufacturer paid attention to detail and tried to make the customer satisfied and impressed. Brand Soperwillton really deserves its small money.


From personal experience I can confidently say that this Soperwillton is great for students or workers who used to carry notebooks.

Convenient to put in the middle compartment of the tablet or phone with the notebooks and go to work or school. Today many well-known companies offer their branded products for big money, but this does not make them high quality and ready to withstand high loads.

Material from Soperwillton and its ergonomic design is made specifically for life in the city. This bag cost me only 1102 RUB and I use it gladly, she never did not fail me and will last a very long time.

Still I can recommend a men’s wallet Sendefn and backpack Mark Ryden.

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