Men’s and women’s watch DOM Sapphire — a pair for lovers

To get every time the phone to check the time I didn’t really like, and then needed a watch. In addition, I think it’s a pretty stylish accessory. When you choose I based on the following requirements:

  • Mechanical or quartz. Not like electronic watches;
  • Not too bulky;
  • Without a huge number of crystals and patterns. Do not like the excess glitter;
  • The metal strap. Leather or rubber do not seem particularly reliable.

On AliExpress paid attention to the brand of DOM. I read the reviews which were mostly positive. Chinese own brand, you’ll be robust and long service life.

The watch I wear for two years almost every day, so I can say that the mechanism is indeed reliable. For two years the price has not changed and the clock is still selling.

The choice fell on the model with a simple, even minimalistic design without unnecessary adornments, but with a shiny metal surface. Bought Ali here on this page.

The contents

  1. Male and female
  2. ?
  3. Quality
  4. Convenience
  5. The glass is sapphire or not?
  6. Vodostochno and moisture
  7. Case and strap
  8. Conclusion and where to buy

Male and female

The seller offers men’s and women’s version of the design. Once the watch showed my husband, he ordered the same. So we purchased the doubles kit.

Male and female model made in the same style so they match. They differ in the size tsiferblat (on the men’s watches it much more) and the availability calendar (on the female it is not, it simply would not fit).


Watch DOM came well packaged. They were decorative boxes from cardboard (women in red, men in black), in a special mesh that protects from scratching, wearing pads (unfortunately not preserved), with the corporate seal and even branded cloth for cleaning. To give such a watch would certainly not ashamed.

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Now about the watch itself. As I said, I wear them for more than two years every day. Going very well, to bring them almost never need a battery change only once, however, confided to the master.


Husband wore this watch for about one year, then as a daily option, they were replaced by a fitness bracelet. The main disadvantage of men’s watches that began to be late calendar, the time clock showed exactly. Perhaps this was due to the slightly dead battery.

On the dial of the men’s and women’s hours instead of numbers, the risks and the four stones to the lack of numbers, will have to get used to.

The glass is sapphire or not?

The glass itself is not flat, but has a slightly pyramidal shape (resembles a cut gemstone). Tried to convey in the photo. Not to say that this form is very convenient, because with time on my watch appeared very small chip.

The inscription on the Sapphire dial is purely decorative and does not mean that the glass is sapphire. It is the usual mineral.

By the way, to check whether the sapphire crystal on your watch is very easy – just drop a little water on its surface, it should not just be drained, and to gather into a drop. Judging by the reviews, when this model was produced with a sapphire crystal, but it cost significantly more.

Vodostochno and moisture

Watch not afraid of water, always wash my hands without removing them. To swim with them, however, not tried. But the standard protection against drops precisely there.

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Case and strap

The manufacturer claims that the watch is made from stainless steel. Indeed, they are not even rusted in place of the screws that hold the back cover.

Material from DOM’s really good. He doesn’t scratch. At all. But if you drop the watch, the bracelet can crack. Unfortunately, such an experience.

The husband dropped the watch on the floor, tiled with ceramic tiles. One link is split, but suffered the tile itself, left on her cleavage. Because the strap parts are of different sizes, the closer to the dial, so they are more, not all links are interchangeable, had to order a new strap.

Well, the manufacturer sells the straps for these models, separately. Another negative – on the surface there are traces from wet or greasy fingers. But overall, these flaws are extremely minor. To shorten the strap is very simple, you just need to remove the links, pulling the pin.

Conclusion and where to buy

At the end, watch to the buy recommend. They will definitely appeal to fans of understated classics. They are not scratched, they look very stylish. Makes a wonderful gift to boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or wife.

Again ordered them on Aliexpress here.