Memory module Kingston HyperX 8GB

I ordered in China memory module for notebook 8GB brand Kingston DDR4, and want to write this review.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Features
  3. Opinion

Where to buy

Took not on Aliexpress, and another store — GearBest. Why? Yes, it’s simple: easy to order, free shipping, send almost instantly and the track number, but most importantly…

They have all the parts for the computer and laptop are real, original. This is very important!


The parameters of my RAM:

  • Full model name: Kingston HyperX Impact HX424S14LB;
  • Inside 8GB DDR4;
  • The frequency of 2400MHz, the color black.

Took in about 7000 rubles at this link.

The parcel came in about two and a half weeks. The inside was very well packaged and the size, the softness, it was possible to decide inside a small pillow.

Here is my memory Kingston laptop after unpacking:

There’s no doubt about originality. It is 100% and even the original packaging, so that even in the store to sell. I think, often do so many of our small shops in the markets.


Put in your laptop as a second strap, immediately felt the difference, especially if many browser Windows open. Plus when you edit documents, when too many things open.

The games not test, sorry, they just don’t play. But today the situation is such that even without the games need a lot of RAM. In General, checked, everything works fine, can recommend and the product Kingston HyperX laptop, and the Chinese store GearBest.

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