Melamine sponge wholesale — 100 pieces

Decided to share with You next buying from a Chinese website Overview this article will concern the melamine sponges, which are more profitable to buy from the site in batches of 100 pieces in the lot.

This choice stems from the fact that the choice of batch a smaller quantity, the price will be significantly higher, when converted into the number of the lot of 100 pieces can be more in 1,5-2 times.

Just want to specify that the size of the jaws may be different, but for the most part they are 60 x 100 mm., with different thickness 10, 20 and 30 millimeters.

Sponge is 10 mm thick. to take not recommend, because after the use of sponge thickness and will become thinner so, in this connection, thickness of 10 mm will completely lose their utility.

As these melamine sponges do not take the first time, selecting the seller paid attention to stars and rankings, because the price of from different sellers can be several times the cost of the product during the sale and regular price can differ by more than 2 times.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality and to use
  3. Conclusion

Where to buy

Last time bought here from this seller on Aliexpress. The price was at the time of registration of the order of 350 rubles, but at the present time about 330 rubles.

The track code is not tracked, if declared by the seller 60 days of delivery delivery was about 3 months before the Chelyabinsk region. Package Packed in a plain grey package, which is similar to dumpster, wrapped in duct tape and on the front part of which is pasted a tag indicating the recipient.

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No other protective devices are not provided, therefore full of hope for employees of mail of Russia and their accuracy in respect to parcels. When opening the parcel it was found that the sponge was placed in column 4 to 25 pieces each.

Quality and to use

As the material is melamine sponges are similar to hard, rubber, fine-porous foam, then in principle any deformation of the jaws, except their mechanical failure, not threat.

From experience I can clarify that when you use data of the sponges, the use of the most part associated with the removal of yellowness, tea and coffee deposits, rust from dishes, sinks, tubs and similar devices, it copes perfectly, but with a thick layer of fat the sponge handles are not hard, because the pores of the sponge clogged with fat and it becomes unusable.

The principle of cleaning is to rinse the cleaned surface with water and subsequent friction of the sponge on the surface to be cleaned, in the case of excessive moisture sponge, it must simply be overcome, but not too much otherwise it becomes deformed.

When you use the sponge in a large amount of water, it gets wet, it loses its functional ability and quickly becomes thin, causing recycleable. Consumption can explain that to fully clean the bath from the yellowing leaves 2 sponges, then think for yourself.


Based on the above I can recommend these sponges can be ordered, if you have time to wait. After receiving your order, You will get a reliable tool for cleaning dishes, sinks, furniture from those contaminants, which are not always under the power of even modern high-quality tools.

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Once again, I bought them in bulk of 100 pieces lot on Aliexpress here. Still I can recommend a MOP with a sprayer.