Mechanical men wrist watch Shenhua

Today I would like to tell you about a pretty interesting product from the website AliExpress. I quite often something bought, and I came across a rather interesting watch brand Shenhua. Ordered from this seller is the official representative.

Long wanted to understand what a mechanical watch and then turned up this option. Honestly, I did not expect it to be just exactly like the picture, but was very glad when that was exactly.

The watch itself is very good quality, it is clear that the Chinese have tried . But the same cannot be said about the strap. Strap, frankly, terrible.

Of course, he goes for the first time and included is another, but it is better to buy some leather.

On the hand the watch look very expensive, ignorant people will not even realize that they may cost only 17$ .

As you know, the mechanical clock, time no winding somewhere in the night (though if you’re not wearing ). In hours there is also the automatic — this is when when wearing the watch they pojavjatsja fairly comfortable.

Also a nice bonus phosphoric arrows are very useful if you want to see the time at night.

I would also like to say that the clock mechanism open action , you can see how the wheels – it looks very cool.

If you decide to buy these watches, I want to tell you that you cannot have more than 20 turns, fraught with consequences. Also , the watch is quite suitable for a gift as it is packaged very well, all in films, the box itself is also of very good quality.

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In use I’ve had this watch for about a month and I can say that all satisfied, especially for the price, I think very worth option .

Would put them a solid 4-ku, if not for the strap, it was five , but for the price you can’t even ask for something more.

To sum up: watch shenhua is very good, I will use them if in doubt to take or not to take, definitely take it . You can gift, and they will not look like something cheap and Chinese. Again, took on Aliexpress here.