Mechanical kitchen timer for cooking

My husband just loves to cook. For him the kitchen is a separate world. So, the next time I ordered goods from Aliexpress are unable to ignore the remarkable mechanical kitchen timer for cooking. Look for a long time had not found the customer, who reviews most liked, and he had a good rating.

Instructions for use are very simple, so the trouble would not have, in the form of a timer is compact, lightweight.

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  1. Where to buy and shipping
  2. The lack of
  3. My review

Where to buy and shipping

The price I am even more satisfied — 155 rubles, will not be sorry, even if broken or doesn’t work. Bought Ali here on this page.

Ordered with regular shipping of Russian post in the Department. Of course, the package have to wait long. Walked for about 3-4 weeks, I forgot about the timer, until it was alert on arrival at the point of delivery.

Taking a kitchen timer I immediately inspected the product fits the description, no additional functions, but for the money enough. Had to get husband to check the timer on the durability.

After about 6 months it stopped working and it seems to me, only because my husband constantly knocked over the table. Mechanical kitchen timer my husband liked, was comfortable, already ordered second time — still works well.

Color all matched, as well no scratches or cracks was not found. Although the delivery time more than a long, delivered in one piece. With the customer not linked, as said earlier, buying was not particularly significant, but of course now, I think he had to write about it. Now just pay attention to the estimated delivery date and how do deliver the goods.

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Maybe the item was so long for what was ordered in the Christmas period, and the hype, of course, was absolutely everywhere, so forgiving it can be. Although, if I ordered something as a gift for the new year, would have been a very unpleasant situation.

The lack of

The only negative that I discovered is that no beep is heard after a time. It is not spelled out on the product page, so we were surprised when husband first started to cook with it.

Well, in that moment, I was in the kitchen and got the chicken out of the oven. Now it is necessary to closely monitor the process itself. But as practice showed, it was the only negative that we managed to find during long use.

However, there was feedback about the need to turn the mechanical timer in the opposite direction to hear the tick. We did, several times, but nothing happened. Possible mechanisms for the seller are different and there is someone as lucky, but the situation is still not very pleasant.

My review

In General, cooking mechanical timer is satisfied. The use of such mechanism is very convenient, especially if you constantly forget the time to start cooking.

Such a mechanical timer for cooking quickly helped our family to get rid of sometimes burnt pie or chicken. This kitchen helper turned out to be indispensable for our large family.