Massager LaGuerir: Mat and cushion-pillow

Long stare at the massage — a relaxing Mat, but the price is very high! I went on Aliexpress, quickly found in the search, sell at a very affordable price.

On the page of the seller a lot of positive feedback. Prices from 390 rubles for one pillow and 1425 per large Mat and cushion. A choice of 8 different colors.

The contents

  1. Function
  2. Where to buy
  3. Quality
  4. My impressions
  5. In General
  6. Cons
  7. Conclusion


  1. Acupressure Mat and pillow relieves stress, pain and muscle tension, relief neck pain and increase blood flow.
  2. Helps with back pain, tension, stiffness, insomnia, fatigue and many other conditions.
  3. Stimulating active points on the neck and back, activates helps to relax.

Each Mat has acupuncture points embedded on the surface.

Where to buy

I chose the purple color, complete kit for 1425 RUB on Aliexpress here. Ordered paid. The seller sends the goods only after 5 days, by ePacket delivery service, the order was 16 days before email.

The package the rug was just huge, inside the Mat tightly roll up the film with pimples. All of the unit, and without any smell, claimed purple.


Mat LaGuerir of cotton material similar to thick cotton or calico. The pillowcase is removable, Velcro, convenient to wash if dirty. Inside pillowcases parole, about 1.5 cm thick.

The size of the Mat 40× 65 cm Massage spines all equal, equal, without defects, made of good thick plastic, even if the tread, won’t wrinkle.

The cushion is made of the same fabric, removable cover, hidden zipper, inside a dense foam. The dimensions of the cushion 38×14×10 cm.

And cushion and Mat to sew a neat, straight lines, threads do not stick out.

Still, the set includes a bag for storage and easy carrying. Bag simple, from the same fabric as the cushion and the Mat is closed with a cord, there is a long strap for carrying on the shoulder. No padding, not very neatly sewn, thread stick out on the reverse side.

My impressions

In General

  • When touched the spines LaGuerir hand, very painful, even scary the first time for him to go. But due to the large area of contact with the ground, no pain is felt, only a slight tingling sensation. The seller recommends that you lie on it for 20 — 40 minutes, I lie there for 15 — 20 before going to bed.
  • Noticed that after this acupuncture massage are very LEGO, and quickly fall asleep, sleep good, on the morning feeling refreshed. My husband also noticed this effect.
  • It is also very effectively relieves tense muscles in the neck and back. Several times he suffered from headaches, after the Mat with the roller after a while the pain stopped. A couple of times even fell asleep on it.
  • You need to lie bare back after the procedure this massage back is all fine, but abrasions or bruises does not remain.


Small cons.:

The roller is a little high for me, not convenient to lay long. Bag though and it seems comfortable, easy to put the Mat with the roller, but to get them from the torment.


Overall, the product LaGuerir pleased for the price very worthy!

Once again, I took here on this page on Aliexpress. I can still recommend the applicator Kuznetsova from the same manufacturer and banks for vacuum massage.